Inventory project – status (November 2015)

In the last few months, the following progress has been made on the Inventory project :-

Orders file processing

  • The format of order files has been “formalised” and documented
  • A new parser library has been produced, code reviewed and tested against test data.
  • The existing order files have been cleaned so that they confirm to the documented format (by validating against the new parser)
  • The new parser has been integrated into the existing system so that order files are parsed post edit thus ensuring that the quality of the data is maintained

Order sync

  • Code to synchronise order files with the Inventory database has been produced
  • A test suite of sequenced order data snapshots has been produced to represent the various transitions of an order (order, delivery, correction etc)


  • A new modular clientreport mechanism has been implemented
  • new client probing modules can be added to harvest data,  without modifying the receiving server code
  • the client submits a JSON data blob (combining the results of the probing modules)  and submits to a kerberos authenticated CGI on the server
  • The received JSON blobs are  currently stored in a VARCHAR as the version of perl-DBIX we currently have installed does not support JSON datatypes

Feeds from School database

  • There has been some discussion on how we can feed information from the School Database (eg people and location) to the Inventory.
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