Ready Player One – Aech’s Basement Chatroom in Second Life

I previously mentioned the novel Ready Player One by Ernest Cline and its depiction of a pervasive virtual world of the future… in my post on 12th May 2013.


Aech’s basement Chatroom from the novel has been recreated by
Second Life avatar Baldtraveller Shan. Photo above by him.

See author Ernest Cline’s post “Aech’s Basement Chatroom in Second Life” from 11th October 2012. The chatroom is located at But you will have to find some keys for access! [Update: the chatroom is no longer there as at April 2015]


We may see the chatroom in a movie…

Update on 8th August 2016… Aech’s Basement recreated in Second Life for a Virginia Society for Technology in Education (VSTE) Book Club discussion…

Ready Player One Book Club - VSTE in SL - Aug 8 2016

2016-08-11-VSTE-Ready-Player-One-1 2016-08-11-VSTE-Ready-Player-One-4
2016-08-11-VSTE-Ready-Player-One-3 2016-08-11-VSTE-Ready-Player-One-5
2016-08-11-VSTE-Ready-Player-One-Snapshot-2 2016-08-11-VSTE-Ready-Player-One-Snapshot-3

Update on 12th January 2018… Aech’s Garage recreated in Sansar for the Intel Exhibit at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show (CES) which can be visited via

Ready Player One – Movie Poster at January 2018…

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  1. bat says:

    As preparation for the Warner Brothers Steven Spielberg directed Ready Player One film continue, on May 19th talenthouse announced a competition to create 3D virtual world avatars which could appear in the film…

  2. bat says:

    Recreation of the Basement from the book Ready Player One, recreated by the VSTE staff for their book club discussions in Second Life…

  3. bat says:

    Ready Player One movie web site – Steven Spielberg and Warner Bros.

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