– RGU Oil Rig Region – Live

The RGU Oil Rig region using Colin Hetherington’s meshes is now accessible on the live server.. with a few enhancements to align the directional light with the water reflection and lens flare effects. See this blog post for details of the preparation of the region… and this blog post for details of the import of the RGU Diver outfit also by Colin…

2017-01-24-Sine-Space-RGU-Oil-Rig-Diver-1 2017-01-24-Sine-Space-RGU-Oil-Rig-Diver-2

Update 3-Feb-2017: The “Oil Rig” region is now available on the live server via Blog post about the Oil Rig Region…
sine_space_oilrig_closeup sine_space_oilrig_deck

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