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Magic Leap – First Leap

Magic Leap opened its web site for creators on 18th March 2018. This blog post brings together some resources, links and screenshots from a first “leap”… Magic Leap Creator Portal Unity integration with Magic Leap Following the Magic Leap tutorial … Continue reading

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Sansar – Space Experiences

Linden Lab’s Sansar has two featured experiences related to the Apollo Moon Missions.. Apollo 11 – Sea of Tranquility (note spelling variant with a single ā€œlā€) NASA Apollo Museum Some free space suits are available to customise your avatar (need … Continue reading

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Pandora in the Real World

Pandora now exists “for real” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom… and you can travel there with Alpha Centauri Expeditions (ACE)… It looks like two people came with Alpha Centuari Expeditions (ACE) to visit from Earth… See also Pandora in the Virtual … Continue reading

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Pandora in the Virtual World

I have blogged before about the Pegase region for the Pandora Universe group in Second Life which offers role play based on the “Avatar” film directed by James Cameron and based on Pandora, a moon of Alpha Centauri. Pegase – … Continue reading

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