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OpenSim Statistics

There has been a question** on how many OpenSim users use various virtual world viewers that are OpenSim compatible, like Firestorm, Singularity, Alchemy, Radegast, etc. For Second Life, user statistics and viewer usage is collected via Linden Lab. But for … Continue reading

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Firestorm VR 6.2.4

Peter Kappler <> [YouTube Channel] (PWNED Magic in Second Life) has created a VR version of the Firestorm Viewer using OpenVR/SteamVR compatible with Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality and other VR headsets (HMDs). On 23rd September 2019, Peter provided … Continue reading

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Sansar with Avatar 2.0

Linden Lab updated Sansar to use a new richer avatar skeleton referred to as “Avatar 2.0”. Website Sansar YouTube Channel Twitter Feed – @SansarOfficial Quests and Tutorials

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Ai Austin Mk 2

A bit of a refresh of the Ai Austin avatar which I have been using in Second Life and OpenSim since 2006… Ai Austin Mk. 1 Ai’s original skin was a gift back in 2006 from a fellow educator who … Continue reading

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