Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence work at Edinburgh can trace its origins to a small research group established in 1963 by Donald Michie, who had been a member of the code-breaking group at Bletchley Park. And over the years there have been a number of different organisational structures and department names for the AI groups. The history of AI@Edinburgh has been provided by Jim Howe, the Head of the Department of AI at Edinburgh for many years. There is also a time line of Computing and Artificial Intelligence work at Edinburgh in the University of Edinburgh’s Edit Magazine.

Now the AI@Edinburgh groups working on research, teaching and innovative applications of AI are coming together under the banner of the “Institute for Artificial Intelligence” within the School of Informatics.

Artificial Intelligence @ Edinburgh over the Years

  • Experimental Programming Unit, 1965
  • Department of Machine Intelligence and Perception, 1966
  • School of Artificial Intelligence, 1973
    + Machine Intelligence Research Unit, 1973
  • Department of Artificial Intelligence, 1974
    + Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute, 1984
  • In 1998, the University joined together three departments: Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science and Computer Science, as well as a number of research institutes including AIAI and the Human Communication Research Centre, to form the School of Informatics.
  • Centre for Intelligent Systems and their Applications, School of Informatics, 2011
  • Institute for Artificial Intelligence, School of Informatics, 2019

Over five decades of world-leading research, teaching
and innovative applications in AI at Edinburgh

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