GenCon – Online

GenCon ( is a (normally physical) convention for tabletop gamers (like Duungeons & Dragons) with extensions to all sort of other role play games. It has been running since 1968 when it started in Lake Geneva, Winconsin, USA, and is usually held in Indianapolis. Due to CORVID-19 the even is being held virtually from July 30th to August 2nd, 2020. See

VRazeTheBar is organising a set of GenCon events on regions in Second Life. The Welcome Region is already open until July 30th at and will provided access to the multi-level gaming areas when the conference runs.

Inara Pey’s Blog Posts on GenCon in Second Life, 14-Jul-2020 and GenCon: Sneaking a Peek in Second Life, 23-Jul-2020.

RazeTheBar Opening Event – 30th July 2020 – Second Life

RazeTheBar Closing Event – 30rd August 2020 – Second Life

Simultanous Event – Gen Con RazeTheBar Closing Evnet and Crew Dragon Return to Earth

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