We collect electricity consumption data at 10 minutes intervals from:

  1. the Informatics Forum electricity meter, which gives total consumption
  2. the uninteruptible power supply (UPS) that supplies the server room (“Servers” in the plot below)
  3. the UPS that supplies offices and server room cooling (“Offices” in the plot below)

By subtracting (2) and (3) from (1) we get an idea of how much electricity is used on ventilation, lighting, kettles, lifts, dishwashers &c. (“Other” in the plot below).

Note: as of March 2016, the Forum’s electricity supply is being used to power the construction site for the Data Technology Institute; this is included in the “Other” category, and probably accounts for much of the change in “Other” usage.

Please contact if you are in the University of Edinburgh and would like access to the data.