“New Year”++

We are already more than half way through January and the list of things to do just keeps getting longer. It could be a busy year. There are plans being made to move the computing staff completely to Appleton Tower, as well as the return of student services and all the Informatics student labs.

Also there are a number of new academic staff being recruited and the building work on the new Data Institute building continues to make good progress.

January 2017 could be remembered as a new beginning in all sorts of ways.

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It’s a service !

The Informatics Blog site is now an official service. Don’t all rush at once.

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blogs r us

I’ve been gathering a lot of blogs in my reading list lately, and since they’re mostly bookmarked in one or other browser I use, on one or other machine it’s not easy to see them all at once. I thought the best place to gather them all would be in a blogroll on my own blog.

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