Course Review

This, the final lecture of the course, included information about exam dates, format of the paper, examinable material, past papers, and a summary list of topics covered in the course. I also gave brief reviews of two topics, as selected by student votes: Hypothesis Testing, and the Tuple-Relational Calculus.

Slides are on NB and the course web page as usual. Although the lectures are now complete, I’m still available for consultation and help with exam preparation. If you have any questions about the course material, lecture content, exercises, the exam, or anything else, please:

  • Post a question on NB; or
  • Ask your course tutor, in person or by email; or
  • Drop in during my office hour, Wednesday 1030–1130, in IF 5.04; or
  • Ask me by email.

Finally, please complete the Informatics course survey to give your feedback on Inf1-DA. This is entirely untracked and anonymous, and I read every submission.

Link: Informatics course survey

Thank you for participating in Inf1-DA this semester.


Read this article on the allure and pitfalls of big data and its computational analysis.

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