Resit Examination

The second exam sitting for Inf1-DA will be on Thursday 21 August, from 9.30am to 11.30am in Godfrey Thomson’s Hall in Thomson’s Land. This is on the Holyrood Campus, not far from St Leonard’s Land where the main exam was held. Use the link below to confirm details for this and any other exams you are sitting in this diet. The course code for Inf1-DA is INFR08015.

Links: Exam times; Thomson’s Land

Examination Feedback and Resit Preparation

I have written a feedback report on the May exam sitting which includes the questions, detailed solutions, and notes on the various answers submitted by students.

If you are taking the exam again, then you may find this report helpful: but please remember that the questions from May are one thing that certainly won’t appear at the resit. Revise and prepare for the exam coming up, not the one that has just passed.

Use your performance on the last exam only as a guide for areas to improve; and then study the material of the course itself through lecture slides, textbooks, and other resources. I recommend working through the sample questions at the back of the tutorial exercise sheets. They are taken from past exam papers, and come with explanations and solutions.

Link: Feedback on May exam sitting; Tutorial exercise sheets

Picture of entrance to Thomson's Land

Thomson’s Land opened in 1931 as the Moray House Demonstration School where student teachers could practice lessons.
Photograph from the Estates and Buildings department.

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