Lecture 6

Today’s lecture covered slides 29 to 50 of the lecture slides.

The reading assignment is to continue with chapters 8 to 9 of the textbook.

You will have learnt about:

  • counting (or enumeration) functions;
  • more functions on lists: zip, search, select, take, and drop.


The take and drop functions (introduced in the last slides) are useful for this week’s tutorial exercise!


There will be an extra tutorial on Wednesday afternoon of week 5 for those who require extra preparation for the class test. Please:

  • indicate your time constraints here;
  • attempt the 2011 class test before the tutorial;
  • print out and bring your solutions!
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  1. ball-hayden says:


    The link for the class test is incorrect.
    I believe the correct one is http://www.inf.ed.ac.uk/teaching/courses/inf1/fp/exams/classexam-2011.pdf

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