Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 28th November 2018

In attendance: Neil Heatley Head of ISS, Kendal Reid ITO, Carol Dow Computing Support Officer, Karen Davidson Student Support Officer

Apologies: Stuart Anderson, Director of Learning & Teaching

All students are busy revising.  It was asked if maybe another room other than the South Lab on Level 5 could be a quiet space, maybe on level 3?  The Reps will ask for students thoughts on this.

There are some problems with students on joint courses such as Physics and Engineering based at King’s Buildings.  The School is aware that core courses can be an issue getting back and forward from KB to Central but hopefully in time these issues will be resolved via the Timetabling Unit, but has always been an issue due to academics being available at certain times, room bookings, etc.  The School does it’s best to liaise with the other Schools but sometimes these things are unavoidable.

IAML can the on-line videos have transcripts? Carol will talk to Alex Burford

EXC the refusal to supply a mock exam is still on-going, Neil suggested putting forward a formal complaint and he will action it.  *Action Neil*

Nothing to report.

Nothing to report.

Level 6 kitchen lights are not working.  *Action Kendal*

It has been reported that males are using the females toilets on Level 6, this is not allowed!  There is a gender neutral shower on level 6, but the toilets are not, there are gender neutral toilets on level 3.

Level 4, from Thursday 29th November all the side rooms will be closed for 2 weeks for maintenance work, the main area Room 4.12 will still be in use.

Wednesday 5th December 10.30am – 12.30 there will be a mince pie event held in the Forum this is open to all members of Informatics.

Staff Student Liaison Meetings are currently taking place, this is for year specific reps and the year lecturers and course organiser to meet and chat about anything that they would like to comment on regarding things that have arisen through the Semester and could be improved on in future.

Level 9 the heating does not go above 20 degrees, Neil is looking at getting visible temperature sensors installed.  *Action Neil*

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Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 21st November 2018

In attendance: Stuart Anderson, Director of Teaching, Judy Robertson Professor, Kendal Reid ITO, Sarah Taylor Communications and Recruitment, Jennifer Oxley, Computing Support Officer, Katey Lee Support Officer

The UG1 Course Organiser is gathering feedback for the new course INF1B course.  This year the second semester courses will run as last academic year and the courses will be revised and integrated to create a new Inf 1B to start in Academic Year 2020-21.
INF1A the students feel that the correspondence between the syllabus, learning outcomes and Learning and Teaching activities had not been clearly articulated.

INF2A the direct links to the tutorial sheets are still not available on Learn.  One other student pointed out that these were correct on the Inf2A web page (outside of Learn).  *Action Kendal to email the lecturer again*

INF2C-SE the lecturer is very responsive to any emails or queries on the Piazza page, he also attends the lab demonstrating slots, the students find this very good.  They feel in the lectures though that the lecturer could spend less time reading the slides and be a bit more interactive in the lecture.  The reps emphasised that keeping the class informed of the likely return date for coursework is important.  In particular being informed as soon as it is clear there may be a delay is better than waiting for the return deadline to pass before informing the class.

CT still has no lecture recordings.
ILP the response from the lecturer on Piazza is good.
IVR there is no response from the lecturer on Piazza.  The main issues the students have is that the course teaching and learning materials consistently use Matlab while the course work is set using Python equivalent.  This is not ideal.  The student’s main issue is not so much anything conceptual but the time spent finding the equivalent way of doing something in Python that is mentioned in the course materials.  They feel this is a wast of their time.
IAML the feedback was late in being returned.  Stuart has a meeting with the lecturers on Friday.

EXC there are no tutorials or example questions for this course and the students are asking for a specimen exam, they have had no response from the lecturers.  *Action Stuart to talk to the lecturers*

HCI there is still no feedback from coursework 1. *Action Stuart to talk to the lecturer*

Nothing to report, the students are busy with deadlines.

Nothing to report.

Stuart is in talks with the UG1 and UG2 lecturers about being more interactive in their lectures.

A meeting has still to be scheduled with staff and students with Alex Burford regarding the use of Learn.

It was asked about marking deadlines, Stuart responded that the School aims to get coursework back within 2 weeks of the deadlines, unfortunately due to the increased sizes of classes we are not always able to recruit enough qualified markers and this can lead to marks returned being delayed.

Level 9 is still cold.  It was also reported that level 7 is cold. Could the heating be kept on in level 9 until later in the evening?  *Action Neil*

It was asked about the email lists being moderated by the ITO, if something is sent out and not approved by the ITO if it is urgent then it is suggested to send a ticket to the ITO or go to the ITO and ask for it to be approved.

Web printing appears to be going down frequently.  Jennifer suggested the the students check the IS page to see if there are any alerts of problems or contact IS direct.

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Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 14th November 2018

In attendance: Alan Smaill, Neil Heatley Head of ISS, Kendal Reid ITO, Tim Colles, Computing Officer, Karen Davidson Student Support Officer

Apologies: Stuart Anderson, Director of Learning and Teaching

The INF1-CL Peer Support group was well attended so the Reps were happy with that, with a turn out of over 20.  Neil has made more rooms bookings so this can be a weekly event.  The students are still asking if there will be a specimen exam paper, one student has emailed the lecturer but still no response.  The Reps asked if the email lists are moderated and they are by the ITO, but it was suggested if emails are sent, to send them via their sms address.

INF2C-CS the students mentioned the feedback for coursework one had no comments or summary on the files and any reasons for why they got certain percentages, more information would be helpful.

INF2A on the Learn pages there is only one link available for tutorial sheet 1, you have to change the URL to get to tutorial sheets 2, etc. Kendal has emailed the lecturer asking her to add the links.

IAML the students are still waiting on coursework one to be returned, they have been given another revised deadline for their return, Neil said if they don’t come through then to contact him so he can chase the marker. *Action Neil*

ILP the demonstrator didn’t have any information on the coursework.

HCI feedback is overdue by a month. *Action Neil to talk to the lecturer*
EXC the students have still had nothing back.

MSc Data Science some students feel there isn’t enough being taught on industry ready skills, Neil suggested talking direct to the Programme Director.

Students are happy that the temperature on Level 9 has gone up.

Some of the mice on the machines in Room 6.06 are faulty, Computing Support suggested putting in a ticket indicating what machine it is.

A Learn meeting is still to be scheduled with our Learn Technologist Alex Burford and the Reps.  At the moment some of the lecturers are not fully using Learn, Neil said that next year everyone will have to use it as the University is looking standardise things across the University.

Alan said they are still looking for volunteers to join Teaching Committee which covers things like assignments, student support, tutorials, resit exams and 4th Year Projects.  Qais Patankar will attend today’s Teaching Committee

Board of Studies which covers the creation of new courses, programmes, courses updates and what should be taught etc.  The next meeting is Scheduled for 5th December, Martynas Grigoris has expressed interest in attending.

Neil has sent out an email about Travel Fund and the Turing Trust.  He is still looking into Vendor Suppliers to supplying vendor machines.

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Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 7th November 2018

In attendance: Stuart Anderson, Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of ISS, Kendal Reid ITO, Sarah Taylor Communications and Recruitment, Alison Downie, Computing Support Officer, Karen Davidson Student Support Officer

Update from last weeks meeting:

  • Stuart has spoken with the INF1A lecturers and next year there will be designated tutors.
  • INF2A Stuart hasn’t had a chance to talk to the lecturer about the use of Tophat. *Action Stuart*
  • Neil now has volunteers for the Recruitment Committee.
  • Neil is looking into installing more machines on Level 9. *Action Neil*
  • There is now a sign up on the door indicating that the South Lab on Level 5 is now a Quiet Lab.
  • There is still on-going issues with Level 4 power outage, this will require some electrical work in the near future, the problem is caused by the amount of electrical devices being connected.
  • Neil is looking into send out an email out to the students about the consequences of the misuse of the mailing lists. *Action Neil and Stuart*
  • Can a specific Room Booking queue be added to  *Action Alison*
  • Students can be find bookable spaces on MyEd under Timetabling. *Neil to clarify*

    It was reported to be a quiet week, everyone is busy.  They still feel CL is not interactive enough and students are still finding the lectures hard to follow.  Stuart is going to talk to the the CL lecturer about trying to make the lectures more interactive by using Tophat.  *Action Stuart*
    The Reps have also set up a Peer Support group this is the first week, this will allow students to work together, if this works out then they will make it a more regular thing.

    INF2C-SE the students are very happy with the communication on the Piazza page from the lecturer.  Stuart is still to talk to Paul regarding the use of Tophat.  *Action Stuart*
    The demonstrator did not appear to have pdf version of the first coursework.

    INF2C-CS the deadline for coursework one is due back today, the marker has returned the marks back to the lecturer, so therefore they should be released soon.

    DMMR Stuart is still to talk the lecturer regarding the use of Tophat in the lecturers.  *Action Stuart*

    INF2A the students feel the first coursework was not clear and properly explained and they could not make sense of the code and the pdf was too long, they hope the second coursework will be better.

    CCS some students were confused about the examination dates, this is a Semester one course, but if you are a Visiting Student you sit the exam in December but all other students will sit it in April/May 2019.

    EXC students seem to have rising concerns about the exam format. The course has changed significantly since last year; hence, previous papers are not very relevant. The lecturer is not planing on making a practice exam (that many students would find useful) and claims to review exam format in a non-recorded exam revision lecture. Provided the current quality and attendance of EXC lectures, students are questioning the effectiveness of this approach.  There is no tutorials for this course and students don’t have any material to practice on.  Neil has spoken with the lecturer and his response was

    – I’d be fine recording the revision lecture.

    – Regarding the exam format: I have already mentioned (via lecture,
    piazza, and email) to the students that exam will have all three usual
    components: book work questions, algorithm questions, and system design
    questions.  I plan to go over the exam format in detail in our revision

    IAML the first coursework is now a week late, the problem is the course is oversubscribed and there are problems trying to find markers, there is also now 3 levels for this course, UG, PG and distance learning.

    ILP the students are not happy with their marks, they feel this should be looked into, they were also 9 days late in being returned. *Action Stuart*

    When will the course statistics be released?  This has now been done.

    IRR there was concern from the students that draft report that they have to submit will be classed as a Tier 4 Engagement point.  Neil has spoken with the lecturer and he plans to send out an email with submission instructions for the draft report and provide additional clarification about the nature of the tier-4 engagement point so that students don’t need to worry about the academic quality of their report (from a tier-4 point of view). *Action Bjoern Franke*

    The link to the past Dissertation archive is apparently not working. Computing Support will look into this. *Action Alison*

    Are old courses archived anywhere? *Action ITO*

    Can vending machines be supplied?  *Action Neil*

    The hot water in the showers isn’t always running hot depending on certain times of the day, Neil suggested the student should log this with, so they can look into it.

    The front door is not opening at times especially when it is windy and cam sometimes take at least 10 minutes to open, last week the students rang security who got them in and the door worked for a short time then broke again.  This is a fire exit, so this needs to be dealt with. *Action Neil*

    The School will look at making the the side door at the side of AT Fresh available. *Action Neil*

    Level 9 with the door still not working properly there are still students who do not have access still trying to get in, Neil suggested if anyone suspects that there are people there who shouldn’t be then they should call Security on  650 2222. *Action Neil*

    There was some concern that some students have to sit 2 exams in one day unfortunately this is the case for a lot of students, all timetabling for exams is done by one system that works out everyone’s timetable. There will be some students with certain circumstances that don’t allow them to sit an exam in one day but they would receive separate information regarding this.  The number of students and examinations mean it is almost impossible to schedule the examinations without some students having two exams on one day.

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Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 31st October 2018

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley, Head of Student Services, Kendal Reid ITO, Sarah Taylor Communications and Recruitment, Karen Davidson, Student Support Officer, Senior Computing Support Officer

It has been reported that the students are now happy with INF1-CL tutorials are now shorter and more manageable, Stuart asked for feedback next week on this.  There are now videos available on-line which is good and the comments on Piazza are really helpful. The lectures have also slowed down and are more clearer, although the students are finding the programs too complex and are struggling to understand (but the Inf-CL lecturer should be making it clear that he is using parts of Haskell that students have not reached in their course).  Also could revision tutorials be set up before the exams and a specimen paper be supplied?  Stuart is meeting with all the lecturers for INF1.  There will also be a transition from CL to OP before Semester 1 finishes.

INF2A there is not a good explanation on the Code, the students need more content and asked if Tophat could be used in the lectures, so the lecturer knows what the students are understanding and also if Tophat could be used in the DMMR lectures.

The students are happy with the format of IAML and IVR.
ILP coursework one should be returned by Friday, this is one week late.

There was a discussion over the grades for MLPR and CT and whether they will be scaled.  This led to a wider discussion on the approach to marking and the common marking scale.
The School is looking to have a more consistent marking guideline across all of the courses and is developing guidance on the use of the University Common Marking Scale.  School of Informatics rarely scales marks at the moment but mathematics do this more commonly. Stuart is talking with Maths about their approach to guidelines and the use of scaling.

All good, nothing to report, students are just busy with coursework deadlines.

Nothing to report.

Neil Heatley asked if anyone would be willing to volunteer to attend the Recruitment Committee, discussing things like Scholarships and promotional material etc, this would be mean attending 3 times a year.

He also mentioned that there is a Travel Fund available that can be made available for students who would like to attend events, competitions or workshops.  Funding would be based on merit but he would like input from the students about supplying this fund.

The Reps asked Neil if he was able to book rooms for them .

ITO will put up a sign on the door of the South Lab indicating it will be a Quiet Lab.

Neil asked the Reps if they feel like the UG Mailing list should be moderated to stop unsolicited email going through, but the students don’t think this is necessary.  Neil may send round an email indicating what is appropriate and what is not to post.

All levels have now been supplied with drying racks for dishes.

There are still ongoing issues with the door or Level 9, Neil is aware if this.

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Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 24th October 2018

In attendance: Neil Heatley Head of ISS, Kendal Reid ITO, Sarah Taylor Communications and Recruitment, Jennifer Oxley, Computing Support Officer

Apologies: Stuart Anderson, Director of Teaching

There are issues with the components in CL.  The lectures have been better but they need more structure in the tutorials.  The Reps suggestions were it may be helpful to have more tutors available in the tutorials but one of the tutors said that he felt that there is enough tutors but some students are just not asking for help.  The students also feel that the tutorial content could slow down a bit as a couple of weeks ago they were to work on Graphs and this had not yet been taught in the lecture and some students didn’t know what Graphs was.
The lecturer has covered in the last lecture on what could be examinable which the students felt this was useful.  It was suggested that the students could make more use of the facilities like INFBase and INFPals but the students said they just don’t have the time to go to these things due to the high volume of work expected from them.  Also maybe mixing up the tables at the tutorials so students can help one another.

Students are busy with the INF2C-CS MIPS coursework due 22/10.  The students feel that the coursework has taken a lot longer to do than expected, and they weren’t given clear guidelines as to how long they should be spending on each question, and they would like a definition of the marking guideline on how much of a grade distribution each question is worth.

PI students feel that the tutorials are misleading, they also feel that the criteria in the coursework is not the same as the course description.  Neil suggested they should contact Stuart directly.

IAML the marking criteria is not clear, it states that to gain plus 80% to show depth and knowledge but the Piazza page says to be brief and precise.  Coursework one was due a week ago and they don’t know how you are meant to gain an A or a B (Neil maybe this needs adjusting a bit).

NC lab is reported not to be covering the materials in the assessment the students have not been told what they should be covered.

Has there been any updated on how long coursework should be published before the deadline? Stuart was going to look into the Regulations.

MLP it was reported that the students had 10 days to submit the coursework and they felt they needed more time as they are finding it challenging, Neil suggested they should talk to the lecturer.

It was asked if drying racks for dishes on could be supplied in the kitchen areas of levels 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9.  Action Kendal

The heating in Appleton Tower is switched off at 7pm.

Students thanked Neil for supplying a fridge on Level 9.

There is still an on-going issue with the door to Level 9, Neil is aware if this and dealing with it.  It was also asked if there could be a whiteboard supplied on level 9 and a wall that you are able to write on and more lockers could be supplied.

ATFresh in the basement of AT will no longer be a café and other uses are being explored.

Any AT building issues that arise the following email address can be used

DICE machines are apparently freezing around 1am, Jennifer said to put in a Computing Support ticket to report any DICE or other Computing issues

The students are finding it difficult to connect to the XRDP Server remotely, Jennifer said it has a high volume of users for one server.
Running memory intensive jobs instead on the student compute server machine.  Action on Jennifer to compile notes to be sent out to the students.

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Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 17th October 2018

In attendance: Stuart Anderson, Director of Teaching, Kendal Reid ITO, Katey Lee, Student Support Officer, Carol Dow, Computing Support Officer

Stuart has spoken with the lecturers regarding the INF1-CL and INF1-FP issues brought up last week about the effectiveness of the tutorials and the length of the tutorial sheets and how the questions should be prioritised by level of difficulty.

MSc students  have all received their print credit.

Hoppers regarding the use of rooms that have a live stream available, most of the time they are fully booked, and it would be useful to be able to see the room booking page.  Stuart suggested talking to Alex Burford about setting up Hoppers on Learn and talk to ITO about Timetabling rooms with appropriate equipment.

BDL the contact on the Piazza page by the lecturer and the TA has improved.

The FP part of the course the students feel the tutorials are useful but they are not beginner friendly for Programming, 2 out of the 5 tutorials are labelled as beginner friendly.  FP teaches Haskell,  the CL lecturer is attempting to link to the FP course by using Haskell to illustrate some CL concepts.  However the Haskell used in CL often uses parts of Haskell that have not yet been covered in the FP part of the course.

Stuart asked if the students are using INFBase and if it could be made more INF1 specific?   There are prioritised Inf1 helpers in InfBase but that may not be clear.  The INFBase timings are a bit scattered and Stuart will talk to them about having a more standard time slots.
Students asked for: A specimen exam paper, and if rooms could be provided to enable students to self help one another.  Stuart will look into this

INF2A is not well organised, the lecturer keeps referring to the slides but going back and forward and pausing.  They feel the lecturer needs to make more time to organise the lecture and preparing some questions.
The reading material and sources are good but they feel they should be supplied with a good source of text book or some useful links to be made available on the course web page or a on-line pdf to read.  The lectures are also being overun and also if the lecturer could wear a clip on microphone, would make it easier for the students to hear.

DMMR reading guides, the students would like a list of questions on what they should do, on what is essential and use different examples rather than from the book.

INF2C-SE the lecturer is now more interactive in the lecture with the students.

DBS: coursework was not released in the afternoon, it was released at 1.30am next again day and some students were angry, as they were prepared to start it on original release time.
IAML: the lectures are being cancelled at the last minute and some of the videos on-line the sound isn’t clear.

HCI: students feel one of the lecturers can come across as slightly aggressive.
EXC: it was asked if the lecturer could use a visualiser instead of a whiteboard.
UG4 Project: Some students have not received any written feedback yet from their first project meeting.

FNLP MLPR:  There are some issues arising from interaction on the setup for these two courses.  Paul Anderson said this was a complex issues because the software used in the two courses required different versions of software to be available in the environment.  Stuart will contact the RATS team to see if this can be ameliorated.

There has been some issues with some MSc students not knowing how to use Linux or DICE, there is one DICE session at the start of Semester, Carol Dow will look into providing some additional support on this.

Level 9 at the weekends doesn’t have a supply of paper towels or soap. The building is not cleaned at the weekend and the bins are over flowing. It was asked for an extra black bin to be installed in the kitchen area of Level 6.

When will the Course Statistics be released? Action on Gregor Hall ITO.

Stuart is arranging a meeting regarding Learn.

There is still an on-going issue with students using the DICE machines, and no-one is occupying the seat.  You can log people of by using Control Alt Backspace or use the machines to run remotely.  It was asked if there could be somewhere you can take people’s belongings of the desk and place them somewhere so if they come back and their stuff is gone then they know where it will be, like trays for example.  One student had seen this work well in Singapore.  In addition there is a need for more training on running work in the background.  Neil will investigate.

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Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 10th October 2018

In attendance: Neil Heatley ISS Manager, Kendal Reid ITO, Katey Lee Student Support Officer, Sarah Taylor, Communications and Recruitment Officer

Apologies: Stuart Anderson

No Reps in attendance but Qais Patanker said he had been asked to bring up a couple of issues.  There is no INF1-FP Drop-in labs now and the students feel they are not gaining anything from attending the tutorials.  INF1-CL there doesn’t appear to be any changes to the slides from previous years and they still have errors in them, and they are only being released the night before the lecture.

Stuart is still talking to the INF2A lecturer about allowing the students the use of their mobile phones in the lectures.  The tutorial sheets on Learn are linked to the Informatics homepage and there is no link available for the 2nd tutorial, the students think everything should be in sync and have to spend a lot of navigating between Learn and the home pages.

Tutorials for INF2A and DMMR have too much material to cover in the hour tutorial, they feel workshops would be much better suited to this.
INF2C-SE students feel there is no interaction between the students and the lecturer and the slides on the Learn folder is empty.
INF2C-CS source file is not working properly.

It was asked if a Quiet lab could be set up, Neil said there is no specific quiet space as all the space we have is used for teaching but South Lab on Level 5 could be a quiet lab, a sign will be put on the door.

No Reps in attendance.

MSc students were to receive £15 free print credit, but this hasn’t been received yet.
NC, MLP and CCS don’t have a live stream, this could be because it isn’t installed in the room or the lecturer doesn’t know how to work it.
NC has one lab session and the students don’t feel this is enough, the students also feel that the questions that they are given don’t appear to have specific answers, they find the questions and answers misleading and confusing.
Design Informatics can’t open any attachments on the a tablet for the ECA course, Neil suggested talking to the lecturer.  Could information be made more accessible on courses that run in the University for things like Latex and Presentation workshops etc.
It was asked if a web page could be created on expectations of Project Supervisors on what to do if students are experiencing problems of who to go if there are unable to contact their Supervisors, Neil suggested Don Sannella would be the first port of call and then himself or Stuart.

The ITO has now purchased a small fridge to be installed on Level 9.
Hoppers was asking if there was a way to see could see what rooms are available to book that can supply a Live Stream, Neil says this can only be down through Timetabling.  They also asked if there could be a way that anyone who enrols on the Hoppers mailing list can be sent a auto reply, Katey Lee says she will help out with this.


  • We have followed up on the Inf1 and 2 issues and hope to report back on this at the next meeting.
  • We have requested that print credit be updated.
  • On live-streaming issues – all video equipped rooms are capable of supporting livestreams but the streams will have a 5 minute delay.
  • On the other issues, I need a bit more context and will see this at the next meeting.
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Followup on October 3 Meeting

I’ve followed up on the issues raised and will report back to the 17th October meeting.

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Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 3rd October 2018

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley ISS Manager, Kendal Reid ITO, Katey Lee Student Support Officer, Sarah Taylor, Communications and Recruitment Officer

Stuart welcomed all the new Reps for 2018/19 and explained that this weekly meeting is to resolve any problems that may occur, short and long term.  He also mentioned that twice a year the School holds a Staff Student Liaison Meeting with the Year Reps and the Year organiser that is at the end of each Semester to go over Year issues, i.e UG1, UG2 and any issues that could be resolved for the following term.

No Reps allocated yet.  INF1-FP now has tutors working in INFBase.  One tutor mentioned that maybe the INFBase and INFPals wasn’t too well communicated as the attendance was quite low.

INF2A the students are not permitted to use their mobile phones in the lecture or interact with the people sitting next to one another.  They feel they should be able to have their phones if they need to take photos of slides or discuss topics with their fellow students.  Action: Stuart will discuss with the lecturer.

INFSC-SE there is quite a lot of noise amongst the students in the lectures, they feel a bit more discipline needs to be enforced by the lecturer and there is no Piazza page set up.

DMMR there is no Piazza page set up.  There also appears to be no synchronisation between what is being taught in the lectures and tutorials, and queries in lectures are only being dealt with in the tutorials.

IAML the flip classes are not well attended as the students don’t think they are useful.

NC doesn’t appear to be well structured.
BDL there has been no responses on Piazza from the lecturer or the TA.

Level 9 is cold at night, Neil said that the heating is switched of at 7pm.  It was also asked if a fridge could be installed on Level 9, Neil will look into this, also there is an on-going issue about the entry door not working Neil is also communicating with Estates and Buildings.

Level 5 is to remain as a quiet study place when classes are not timetabled.

Students are not finding it easy to navigate their way around Learn, Stuart will try and arrange a meeting with the School’s new Learning Technologist Alex Burford and the Reps.

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