Minutes of Meeting on March 11th

In Cog Sci there  is a  great deal of  proposed readings so  a recommended reading guide would be useful. The students have reported that Richard Shillcock’s slides have few words, and that  the tables and charts are too small to be seen in lectures.

INF2D the students reported that there is not enough preparation for Prolog and they are struggling with it.
INF2B the lecture notes are very good,  however the Learning part of  the course needs more examples in lectures.

Computer Security lecturer has cancelled another lecture but this was due to special circumstances.
Foundations of Natural Language Processing is reported to be a very good course.
Enterprise Computing the students feel the course has no content.
Software Testing tutorials it is reported that if the students don’t get 100% in the tutorial sheet then they can’t attend a tutorial.  Also the lecturers are cancelled without any warning,  there is a lack of communication from the lecturer.
System Design Project issues with the marking scheme, there appears to be no kind of structure to gaining marks and receiving penalties when not engaging with  group participation.
Agent Based Systems coursework was badly worded with bad specifications, but the lecturer is very good.
Computer Architecture the students are very pleased with the lecturers.

Computer Security coursework is due too close to the  Dissertation deadline.
Introductory Applied Machine Learning there are 3 or 4 practical exercises for the exams but there doesn’t appear to be any exam solutions on-line.  Non-Honours are the only exams that are published on-line.
Advanced Vision students enjoy the course but they can’t see the slides in the videos that are used in the lecture.
Introduction to Vision and Robotics the lecture is used more like a question time, which makes the attendance vary.
Could there be more guidance and information on self proposed projects.

Agent Based System and Probabilistic Modelling and Reasoning have the same deadline date but PMR was released late.
Advanced Databases feedback is too  general the students feel a more detailed feedback would be more helpful.

Students asked if it could be compulsory for Semester One courses to have a revision lecture before the May exams.
They also asked when the progression to Dissertation decision will be released;  the exam board is on the 1st June, so it will be shortly after that date.

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Minutes of Meeting on February 25th

INF1-CG students said that Richard Shillcock’s slides were mostly pictures so they spend a lot of time making notes from what he says; they would prefer slides with bullet points.  Also Mirella asks questions in the lectures expecting the students to shout out the answer but they don’t like this, as they feel it is a bit like being at school.

There was no issues with UG2, the Reps are going to re-introduce themselves to the year.

Students  found milestone  2 of SDP very time consuming, it is taking up a lot of their time. Enterprise Computing the students feel the course has no real content, the lectures are good but the students are feeling anxious about the exam as they are unsure of what they are to be examined on.
Software Testing is reported to be very vague, the tutorials are good but they aren’t done in any order, they feel deadlines for the tutorials would be good to encourage students to do them.
Computer Security has a new lecturer this year and the students aren’t enjoying the lectures, they also said that a tutorial sheet that was due to be done by 10am was realised at 1am that morning.

There was no issues with UG4, the students are working on their UG4 projects as well as semester two coursework deadlines.

IRR feedback is still not back and IRP deadline is in 6 weeks.
Data Integration and Exchange slides are difficult to find.
Computational Complexity deadline is due 6th March and it was meant to be released on Monday 23rd February but it hasn’t.

Students asked where you could find help and information on going abroad, this can be dealt with by the International Office at 33 Buccleuch Place.

Students asked if we could create a Google calender with events, rather than get bombarded with emails, a central location of all events would be more useful.

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Minutes of meeting on February 11th

Students are happy with the way the courses are being taught and well organised.

Probability lectures are good.  The students taking INF2B are finding Hiroshi’s lectures hard to understand, with the language, mixed up algebra and no examples.

No Rep attendance this week, students are busy with the System Design Project.

No issues.

Project allocations were 2 days late.
Students are complaining the IRR feedback is still not back.
Students have had an issue with NLU coursework but they have spoken to Frank Keller.

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Minutes of meeting on January 28th

Everything is reported to be doing fine.  A lot of the students were happy with their exam results for INF1-CL and gave praise to Mike Fourman who apparently sat up until after midnight  days before the exam replying to all the students questions.  The Reps are going to do their own student survey to get some feedback.

It was reported that an INF2B tutor asked his tuttees if they had done the tutorial sheet and no-one had so the tutor walked out!

Students are still waiting on their coursework marks for Professional Issues, but Phil Wadler has been in hospital, it was reported the ITO now has the marks so they will shortly be available.
The reps mentioned that the IVR Lectures weren’t informative enough, and they felt they weren’t getting anything from them, there is to much time spent on answering questions.

The Rep needs to speak to Bjoern Franke regarding Embedded Software coursework.

Innovative Learning Week has no teaching in this week but it was reported that the TDD lecturer is planing to do one.
SAPM week 1 lectures was cancelled and again in week 3 and ST has cancelled some lectures, the students are worrying they are missing out.  The Reps informed the others that ST coursework is similar every year and to look at last years coursework to get a rough idea of what it will be.

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Minutes of meeting 21st January

Colin introduced Bjoern Franke as the  School’s new Deputy Director of Teaching.

The student survey is now available for the students to complete, and Colin has encouraged the Reps to encourage the other students to take part in completing them.

Maths tutorials started in week 1, and the INF2 Rep reported that there were unorganised.

INF2B students reported that they were pleased with the student packs that they were given at the start of the Semester containing lecture notes and tutorial sheets for the rest of the semester.

It was reported that for some of the courses including  Machine Translation, Advanced Databases and Parallel Programming Languages and Systems the rooms were at their capacity with students.  Colin said these should settle down after the course choices are made as the deadline is 12 noon on Friday 23rd January.  If the rooms are still full, then these will be looked at by the ITO.

Some of IAML coursework feedback has still not been returned (and was  due 5th December 2014).  Colin has met with Nigel Goddard today and this was a problem due to the markers not returning the marks in time, he has assured Colin these will be back by the end of the week.

Distributed Systems was reported to have insufficient feedback, students could run the programme on their own PC’s but to submit the submission via a DICE machine, if it didn’t work then the feedback stated, it did not work.  It was reported that some students did run the programme on DICE and it did work, more feedback is required.

QSX and DIE web pages are not up to date.

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Minutes of meeting 19th November

INF1-FP Tutorials are not as engaging as they should be, all the
tutorial work is auto graded, so therefore the tutorials are going over
the solutions but not giving instructions as to how they got to the
final solution.  In the Linear Algebra Maths tutorials the students work in groups helping one another work towards the tutorial solutions.
Informatics students believe this would be better for them as well.

INF1-CL some of the students are not sure why they are doing the Logic
part of the course, but Logic is used in various courses after first year.
It is a new lecturer this year who has changed some  of the course content.  It was also mentioned that INF1-CL has a 100% worth exam and a 0% worth coursework, the students felt it was not worth doing the coursework as it isn’t graded but feel it should be to motivate the students to do it and would have a better engagement in tutorials, to have something to work on.

DMMR Coursework 8 caused some confusion there was errors in the hand
out, it was decided that all students who submitted would be awarded
full marks 11/11. It was mentioned that the students felt there was inconsistencies in the difference in marks depending on the tutors.  Colin said marking
instructions are given to the tutors but some are more lenient than others.

Lots of week 10 coursework deadlines.
OS Lecturer is said to be lacking in confidence, he is new to the course and is using the lecture slides from last year.  The 1st coursework was hard.

One student had asked one of the Reps who he could talk to about lack of support from his 4th Year project Supervisor,  Colin said the student should  talk to Don Sannella.

Students doing RSS in Semester 2 said there are no courses available in
Semester 1 that teaches them C Programming, a course teaching this would be useful to gain more knowledge.
IJP 1st coursework was out 2 weeks ago but the students are not happy
with their results, the students have spoken to Paul Anderson and he has given more feedback since.

Appleton Tower will close for refurbishment in the Summer of 2015 and Informatics labs and the ITO will be moving into Forrest Hill hopefully for one academic year;
tutorials  in 2015/16 may  be all over the the central area as Forrest Hill has not got enough teaching space.

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Minutes of meeting 12th November

INF2A Coursework One has been marked and returned on time. Alex Simpson has emailed out to say that his taking part in the marking boycott which may affect the 2nd coursework for INF2A.  Lecturers are asked to tell the students if they are taking part in the boycott but not necessarily anyone else.

ADS students said they  were late  receiving their coursework marks back, but ADS does not have a marker, so Mary had to mark them herself.  There was an extension of one day granted to the 2nd coursework.
There are a lot of deadlines next week, week 10, some students have 2 or 3 coursework deadlines in one day. It was asked why TTS and IAML have 4 courseworks each, they feel that it is too many and they are spending more than 20 hours per submission. (Comments passed to the lecturers.)
The amount of coursework set for these courses can be brought up in the Board of Studies. DBS coursework 2 was released  2 weeks ago but the content  of the coursework has just been covered in the lectures.

CCS coursework comments were a bit random and some calculations were unmarked, they are  being remarked. CG courseworks 1 and 2 are both worth 50% but the students felt that coursework 2 was much more time consuming to be worth the same as the 1st one. 4th Year Projects, some students felt the group meetings were not as constructive as they had hoped for.

EXC feedback from the coursework was excellent, very informative and useful for the 2nd submission.

Colin asked how the BCS meeting went as the feedback he got from it wasn’t great.  The students said the meeting was only half an hour so they didn’t have much time to give out the positive views, so it mainly focused on the negative.  Colin said the  BCS report will be available after February 2015.

There was some talk on the School’s 0% late policy, this has been in place for a couple of years now;  students can obtain extensions from course organisers if  there is a  valid reason.

There was concern about about the hardware that  SLIP uses; the students feel it  is out of date and they would prefer to use a more modern  and widely supported open source  platform such  as arduino. (Comment has been passed on to the lecturer.)

The next meeting will take place on Wednesday 19th November at 1.10pm

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Minutes of meeting Wednesday 29th October

Elizabeth Mortimer the new Careers Consultant for Informatics, from the Careers Service joined us this week to introduce herself.  She gave a brief description of what she does that can help students, such as help with CV’s, Job Internships, etc..

She asked the students if they had any suggestion of things the Careers Service can help with.  Some suggestions were it would be helpful if they could  find feedback of PhD programmes and further study.  The students said it was quite difficult to get an appointment with the Careers Service, Elizabeth said there are 40/50 slots per day but fill up very quickly.  She said she would consider doing a drop in service to Informatics but when she had worked out her calendar for the following months, she would be in touch and try and advertise this on the Facebook page.

It was reported that INF1-FP Tutor had made a female student cry in the tutorial.  Colin will look into this. (Alex and I sent out  email  “tips for tutors” to all tutors.)

INF1-CL lectures held by Michael Fourman were reported to be disorganised, they are not making any sense and all over the place.  The students are finding it hard to understand. (Mike Fourman will produce extra notes to clarify.)

Informatics 2 – Introduction to Computer Systems is a 10 credit course and the coursework for Computer Systems is taking up too much time.  The students taking INF2A which is a 20 credit course feel like the INF2A coursework is being affected due to the time they have to spend doing Computer Systems.  Computer Systems was awarded a deadline extension and the students feel they would not have got it finished if this was granted. (Colin talked to the lecturer about this.)

The reps said that DMMR revision tutorials would be good, as INFFBase doesn’t teach DMMR.  It was asked if Informatics could employ someone that could teach it in the Maths Base.  The reps asked if the DMMR lecture videos could be put on-line but Colin said DMMR is not being recorded this year. (DMMR will have revision lectures in  Week 11.)

Feedback from the IAML coursework was reported to have not been very informative, there was a general feedback sheet that went back with the coursework but the individual feedback on the actual coursework was not enough for the students.

Professional Issues the reps said that Phil Wadler and Michael Fourman who teach the course don’t have any time to give any lectures, they are mostly guest lectures.  It was reported that this years exam will be an Open Book exam.  Alex has spoken to Phil about his 0.5% penalty to students who don’t attend lectures.  Apparently Phil asked the students if they were agreeing to this penalty in the first lecture and the students did agree.

One student has reported to have been trying to get a hold of Sethu Vijayakumar with no luck regarding his 4th year project.  Colin said students should be allocated a 4th Year Project Supervisor by the end of the summer, so he will look into this as a matter of urgency. (The student is from Mechanical Engineering and Colin emailed them  that Engineering are responsible for project supervison.)

The INF1-CG students asked if the school could find funding to employ a tutor to help them with the Maths part of the course.  Colin will look into this.

Lecturers should encourage classes to form study groups amongst themselves.

It was asked if Colin could wear a mic in his DMMR lectures.

Week 8’s meeting will be moved to week 9, Wednesday 12 November at 1pm, in Room 4.14, Appleton Tower.

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Minutes of meeting 8th October 2014

At the end of last weeks meeting Colin asked if any of the Student Reps would
be willing to to become Reps for the Teaching Committee and Board of Studies.
Connor Stuart has agreed to do Board of Studies and Arthur Verkaik
Teaching Committee.

Both INF1-FP and INF1-CL students have reported that some of the tutors are
finding it hard to communicate with the students, and arriving at the
tutorials unprepared and unable to answer all questions.
Tutors are paid one hour to prepare for tutorials and one hour to tutor.
Some Lab Demonstrators are also paid for one hour preparation
but it depends on the course.

INF1-CL Lectures are also proving hard to follow.
There is new course lecturer who is presneting the material in a new way.
It is hoped that by the end of the course
like previous years students will have managed to grasp the course content.

DMMR there has been some confusion over the last week’s DMMR tutorial
locations, there appears to be some issues between Timetabling and Theon,
which is being looked into by the ITO.
Some students are finding the weekly coursework submissions a bit much.

CD Labs on a Tuesday are difficult for some students to attend,
a lot of the students cannot make the Tuesday slot so they are turning up to
the Wednesday slot and the room does not have enough machines to accommodate
everyone, so people are being turned away. The Lab Demonstrator was going
to look into getting more machines to try ease the problem.

DBS course slides appear to be one file,
the students would prefer if they were individual lecture slides.
OS lecturer appears to be rushing through the lectures and not being able to
complete one lecture without it being tailed into the next lecture slot.
So each lecture contains half of the weeks before and half of the new week,
the students would prefer the lectures to focus on one lecture and start
fresh at the next one.

PI students  reported that the Milner lecture that they attend last week was
too complicated to understand, they now have to write a 250 word report based
on it. Alex has spoke to Phil about his 5% penalty for missing lectures and
apparently Phil said that was agreed by the class in the first lecture,
it is about assessing engagement with the course.

IT Tutorials have tutorial slots that clash with other lectures,
a suggested time for tutorials would be the 1pm – 2pm, lunch time, or a
Wednesday when 4th year students don’t have any lectures.

RSS has coursework due to be handed out on the 16th October but there is now
details on the course web page. Colin said that this is a new course
so the students will have to be patient, but any issues can be raised
directly with the course lecturer.

AGTA Tutorials had clashes in and this has still not been resolved.
Colin said that this course actually doesn’t need to supply tutorials,
it is based on the lecturers ability to do these.
The issue was with the lecturer going straight through Timetabling and not
directly with the ITO.

IRR issues have now been resolved.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 22nd October 2014.

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Minutes of meeting 1st October 2014

The first week of INF1-CL Tutorials were disorganised with tutors turning up
late and being unorganised with their material.

INF1-FP lab sessions are 3 hours long and only supervised for one hour by a
lab demonstrator, the students feel that this isn’t long enough as the labs
hold 50 students it isn’t enough Support. They also said that there are no
Haskell examples on the course web page, but other reps noted there are useful
websites such as learnyouahaskell and realworldhaskell with many examples.
The Reps also feel a EMACs session would be helpful at the start of year,
as the students are finding it difficult to use.
The Honours Reps said that they found using gedit easier.

INF2A lab exercises are good but a Python link on the course web page
would be useful. DMMR in week 1 the students were issued with reading to do,
and it was Chapters 1, 2 and 3 which was around 250 pages,
the students felt that this was too much and a more detailed recommended
reading within the chapters would have been better i.e 2.1 and 2.1 of chapter 1.
However there is a study guide on the course web page which breaks down
chapters into the required sections which need to be read.

Professional Issues has some issues, one being the lecturer was far too
fast in talking which was causing a problem for non English speakers.
The book that is recommended to read is very old and not that helpful.
The lectures need to cover more of technical side of the course than the
communication side. It was reported that the course lecturer
assesses the lecture attendance and if people don’t show he deducts 5% of the
final mark at the end of the course. Alex Simpson will look into this.

SELP the students has asked for resources to be made available to them, other
than a Google search. It is a an individual project that students have to
work on their own and the framework is fine but some help would be good from
the lecturer.

AGTA tutorials have a clash with the IT lecture,
DBS lecture was really over crowded in LG9, in DHT,
but this is being looked into.
TTSDS the slides on the course web page relocate students to NB; it would
be useful to have the slides on the course web page.

IRR the tutorials have still not be sorted, due to a lack of tutors.

Volunteers have been invited to put their selves forward to become
Reps for the Board of Studies and Teaching Committee Boards.


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