Week 2 Meeting Report

The meeting had student reps from Honours and MSc years, as well as the Director of teaching and Kendal Reid from the ITO.

Innovative Learning Week
James Hulme reported on arrangements for the project exchange and user test session in ILW, where students can demonstrate and try out systems built as part of this year’s student projects. He has had interest from about 10 students with material they would like to show to others and get feedback from testers. James will be arranging a time and place for this, and publicising as part of the School’s Innovative Learning Week activities
Office 365 Student Email
Reps confirmed that while the web client is widely usable to read mail, more sophisticated functions — including setting up redirection — is not so easily done from Linux.
Update Information Services’ web pages confirm that while Office 365 supports three different browsers on Windows, and two on Mac, on Linux the full client only works with Firefox.
Window Blinds
Kendal has identified various sets of broken window blinds, which will be removed. James Hulme agreed to report on where in Appleton Tower there are ones acting effectively, so that we know what works.
Computing Clinic
Following discussion at this meeting last semester, Alison Downie has organised a computing clinic next Wednesday at 2.30pm in the AT4 Open Area. This is a drop-in session with Informatics Computing Officers, who have already run these sessions for research and teaching staff in the School. Alison will mail students, and reps can publicise this further to each year. There were questions about whether this is only for DICE issues; Ian will investigate.
Updates Alison confirms that students are welcome to bring any problems and their own machines: COs will do what they can and give advice on where else to go if necessary.
The ITO have put this on their Facebook page, and Zsolt shared that through to the Informatics student group there
Coursework and Feedback
Coursework for Human-Computer Interaction has now been returned: this was marked back in December, but a scripting error meant the emails did not get out. Some students are unhappy with the feedback content, and Youri Tan has taken this up with the course lecturer. The Database Systems assignments had no answers or sample solutions given, and reps reported some complaints from students about coursework feedback — Clemens Wolff will seek out specific examples. Apparently Professional Issues coursework from last semester has not yet been returned. There was some concern that problems with coursework load in Introduction to Vision and Robotics should not be repeated this year; the lecturer has already been alerted to this, and is aware.
Robotics: Science and Systems
There was praise for this new course, as being well run with interesting, though challenging, content. However, as this is the first year there was some concern about exam preparation. Reps suggested that resources similar to those written for ANLP last semester would be very helpful: sample exam questions and answerws, and a revision topic guide. Ian will relay to the lecturers.
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