Week 3 Meeting Report

The third meeting of this semester had students participating from the third, fourth and fifth year, as well as the Deputy Director of Teaching and Kendal Reid from the ITO.

Database Systems
Clemens Wolff last week raised concerns from students about the communication style of the lecturer, and had since then collected a couple of examples from students.  There was a particular request for sample solutions or notes about the assignment, and complaints about very limited feedback on returned coursework.
Introduction to Vision and Robotics
Reps reported comments about high coursework load, with some students avoiding the course after reports from last year. There was a request to move the course back to Semester 1, where it could serve as preparation for SDP — on the other hand, one reason for moving it to Semester 2 had also been student request to move some courses away from Semester 1.
Update: Ian and Michael are meeting with the course lecturers next week to discuss details of assignment content and workload.
AI Large Practical
Coursework and feedback had now been received, although much later than originally announced.
Update: The Head of School has taken this up directly with the lecturer.
MSc Dissertation

Students commented that the time available to select topics was quite short, given the need to meet up with possible supervisors.
Update: The project organiser will take this into account next year.

Kendal confirmed she has asked for broken blinds to be removed, and there are plans for refurbishment.
Update: Details of the problems and breakages have been reported to the University Estates & Buildings management, who are responsible for the fabric of the building.
Human-Computer Interaction
As reported last week, reps have discuss complaints about marking with the lecturer, and marks awarded have been modified.
Robotics Science & Systems
Feedback on assignments had not yet arrived
Update: Michael has taken this to the course lecturers.
Coursework Questionnaire
Zsolt Ero, school rep, proposes to distribute an online questionnaire soliciting information on the time students spend on coursework. He also plans to re-launch the Google Docs for courses that were used by some students last year.
Computing Clinic
The computing support staff are running a Student Computing Clinic this afternoon. Information has been mailed out to Informatics students, Ian has advertised it to first-years during lectures, and the ITO and school reps have published the event on Informatics Facebook groups.
Student Surveys
Annual student experience surveys (NSS and ESES) have started, and reps confirmed that they have been extensively informed about this by the University.
ISS Twitter Feed
Informatics Student Services (ITO and IGS) have asked that reps advertise their Twitter feed http://twitter.com/InformaticsISS to students.
Innovative Learning Week
Student reps reported a positive reception from students to the preparations for Innovative Learning Week.
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