Week 8 Meeting Report

The week 8 meeting had representatives present from all except first-year students. As well as Ian Stark and Kendal Reid for the ITO, Alison Downie, manager of front-line computing support in Informatics, attended. Emily Balloun had submitted a summary of several items in advance of the meeting: limitations of time meant some were carried on to the next meeting.

Informatics Student Ceilidh
Emily Balloun reported on plans for this. The ceilidh will be on 23 March, in the Informatics Forum, with a band booked and catering. All students — undergraduate, MSc, and PhD — are welcome and have been invited. The School is funding the event, but students still need to book their place through an eventbrite page. For licencing reasons it is BYOB. Reps have agreed safety arrangements with the building manager, and booked for servitor cover and cleaning.
Computing in Informatics

Alison Downie reported that work was in progress to provide additional power sockets in the Appleton Tower labs, to provide power for laptops. Until these are in place, she asked that students not unplug existing machines: even where there is no local user, a machine may well be in use by remote login. Alison will provide a notice for the board explaining this.

There was a discussion of the computing clinic, which was widely advertised but no student attended. Reps suggested that perhaps students were not in fact in need of much assistance at this stage of the year, as well as being otherwise occupied with work. There was interest in having events at the start of the year, especially if they had a very specific focus.

Survey of Coursework
Zsolt Ero described a survey he plans to circulate to students, asking them about the time they have spent on coursework. There was some discussion of the questions to ask, the possibility of overloading students with surveys, and what results might be computed from the survey.
Individual Courses

Software Testing: Clemens Wolff reported that one tutor had been absent for two weeks, which meant some students could not proceed with their coursework. He will take this up with the UG3 year organiser.

Robotics: Science and Systems: The lecturers have offered to run an exam preparation session, and Michael Camilleri has been canvassing students for suitable dates and preferred format. Emily Balloun offered advice based on the successful session on ANLP last semester, and also the student-led study sessions following that.

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