Minutes of Meeting on 03/11/2016


Björn explained that the School needs a Rep to attend Board of Studies and Teaching Committee Meetings, these are held approximately once a month during semester times. These meetings are open to students and Björn will post the link to where all the
minutes are held, also anyone wishing to attend can do so.

Board of Studies is attended by Teaching Staff and covers things such as course changes, programme proposals and new courses. Teaching Committee covers general things such as policies.

Board of Studies: 


Teaching Committee: 



INF1-CL has had no recordings available since lecture 9 and it would useful if there was a list of resources and study material available. Björn will take this up with the lecturer.

It was reported that recently some students asked if it could be possible to receive a copy of submitted files attached to the emails we get for coursework submission confirmation. For example, when we receive the emails “Submit Feedback” a file confirmation would be nice just to be sure it’s the right files or versions of them we sent out.

IVR the students reported that they felt the coursework was far to much for this course being a 10 credit course and students are spending double the amount of time on the work that is stated.

It was asked if the code for this course be tested more often, maybe 2 or 3 times a week rather than once a week, this would be to enable the students to get more accurate feedback.

EPL Can a Piazza page be set up?

AILP Urgent: Can it also have Piazza or a Wiki set up?

CCS It was reported that the students aren’t finding one particular tutor very helpful, there are 4 tutorials and only 2 tutors including the lecturer.

CS/MLPR/IRR Feedback was well received.

There will be no PC’s installed in Appleton Tower due to on-going work, although the students are still able to use Level 3 as a study space.

Also if anyone want to organise an social events such as a ceilidh, there are funds available.

The University has a 15 working day policy on coursework being returned although the School try and turn this around in 10 working days.

The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body, registered in
Scotland, with registration number SC005336.

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4 Responses to Minutes of Meeting on 03/11/2016

  1. perdita says:

    Concerning the UG2 comment: this might perhaps synergise with something that came up in the SDM lab assessment, namely that when using exam mode PCs and submitting with examsubmit, it would be nice to be able to check what one has already submitted (e.g. to avoid nervousness about whether one might accidentally have forgotten to submit one file). In that context, the email confirmation isn’t helpful as it comes too late. submit and examsubmit are the same under the hood, and both write students’ files to a per-student directory. I wonder whether it would be possible to give a submitting student access to their own directory, read-only (write happening only via [exam]submit) and whether that could solve both issues? I will pass this on to Alison and see what can be arranged.

  2. bfranke says:

    Thanks, Perdita!

  3. mfallon2 says:

    ” IVR the students reported that they felt the coursework was far too much ”

    I recognise this and agree. I believe this been a regular criticism of IVR and robotics courses in general. And specifically true of 10 pt courses. That said the assignment is very similar to previous years. I also simplified the assignment when I took mid-course feedback and some students said its was too demanding.

    We will next have a robotics assignment – which will either need to be so basic as to be silly. Or time consuming – in which case this issue will again arise.

    The root problem is that this course does not fit the 10 pt course outline (of having just one major assignment) and covers two different subject areas. I have made an application to the Board of Studies to make the 2017/18 course have just one assignment.

    In the meantime, I will be listening for feedback on the robotics assignment and will adjust as required.

  4. ppatras says:

    Concerning the weekly testing of the CSLP projects, I can understand students would want to have these performed more frequently. First, I want to emphasize that the goal of testing prior to submission deadlines is to give an estimate of where students stand with their development. It is important to treat the scoreboard as it is, i.e. an ‘estimate’, since the testing platform is running for the first time this year and is subject to refinements. I believe that testing more frequently will not help students gain more knowledge, but instead maximise the number of points. That being said, we will be testing twice per week prior to the deadlines for Part 2 and 3.

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