Minutes of Meeting on 09/11/2016

This week’s meeting was attended by Alison Downie, User Support Manager, ¬†Computer Support; Neil Heatley, Head of Student Services; Don Sannella, Honours Project Co-ordinator and Heather Walker, Communications Officer.

Don wanted to discuss with the students about the final year Dissertation Workshop and Project Feedback Day, that he had circulated to the students in a previous email. This is something new for this year.

Don asked the students about the timing of these events, would ILW Week be good, Wednesday’s or early evenings, there is space to hold these events on Thursday and Friday of ILW week, Heather Walker will do a Facebook Poll to gather opinions. The students generally think this is a good idea and especially for the student doing their project to let
others see and it would be good if this could be opened up for other years to attend to give them an insight of what to expect in their final year.

Update: Link to the survey https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/ZJWLT8W

INF1-CL lecture recordings are now all available on-line. There was a good response to the mid semester surveys.

INF2C-SE the feedback was good for coursework one. The second coursework for INF2C-SE was 8 hours late in being issued, which wasn’t too much of a problem but the students are saying that the Piazza page has contradicting posts from both the lecturer and TA, which is causing confusion (Update: The lecturer has emailed students about this issue subsequent to this meeting). Still waiting on the feedback for INF2A and INF2C-CS
courseworks one.

AILP still doesn’t have a Wiki or Piazza page set up and the second coursework is due this week 11th November, maybe one can be set up for the next coursework submission on the 21st December.¬†CSLP still no feedback yet, but the lecturer has been unwell, the students are concerned that the second coursework is due on Friday 11th and as it is worth 50% and they have no feedback to work with.¬†IAML there is a delay in the feedback for coursework one and two. (Update: Further issues regarding flipped-classroom lectures have been raised after the meeting and how lectures could be more interactive. The lecturer has been made aware of the concerns and I will try to meet with him and discuss possible solutions).

MLP coursework apparently requires much more time than what is written in the course description. DS coursework is vague/difficult to understand (Update: Clarification has been provided both in class and on Piazza).


Can more staplers be provided outside the ITO, this has now been fixed.

The students mentioned that there has been printing problems in the Drill Hall, with the command printing, the printers appear to print 2 copies and there are also problems with Cloud printing. Web print keeps saying it is unavailable and logging into DICE asks you for your password twice. Alison asked the students to report all problems through the web site, so they can keep on top of all problems the
students are having.


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2 Responses to Minutes of Meeting on 09/11/2016

  1. The UG3 comment marked as referring to CSLP is actually referring to SELP. The deadline for Part 2 has been extended in the hope of getting feedback returned in time to be of some use.

  2. srenals says:

    tl;dr – MLP coursework 2 is challenging, but I believe it is fair and reasonable.

    Regarding the comment on MLP: I do appreciate that students have a lot of work this month. However MLP is a coursework-only course, so the expected 200 hours for a 20-credit course will be focused on 20 weeks across semester 1 and 2. There’s 9 1h lectures and assume another 1h self-study specific to each lecture. That leaves 82h of lab work and self study spread over 9 weeks (since labs started in week 1, and things finish on MLP in week 10 this semester), so 9h / week.

    There is three weeks for the coursework, and during that time we only release 1 new lab (lab 7) which is specifically designed to support the coursework (by providing some additional code to support autoencoding). I would expect your time on MLP to be focused on coursework 2 during those two weeks. This gives about 25h for this coursework, which seems to fit with what we are asking people to do.

    I understand that other courses have deadlines in week 10, but there is a school policy that coursework deadlines should not be later than week 10, so there is not much leeway on the timing (since it would be difficult to release it earlier).

    Finally, I believe that it’s important that the coursework provides a challenge, especially as this a coursework-only course.


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