Minutes of Meeting on 23/11/2016

This week’s meeting was attended by Alison Downie from Computing Support.

INF1-CL has improved and appears to be more organised.  INF1-FP Mock exam allocations for next week have been realised.

Computer Security was slightly delayed in the realise, it came out in parts over the weekend and the students couldn’t start on the coursework until the Sunday evening instead of the Friday.  It was asked if a extension would be allowed, but the School can’t have extensions after teaching has finished in week 11, due to various reasons, i.e student plans for travel etc.

IAML has seen improvements (in particular, Q&A sessions delivered by a tutor).

Neural Computation is behind in the course, this was due to issues at the start of the course.  Extensions have been requested, Bjoern will talk to the lecturer.

IRR many students are not happy with the course, they claim it is a very vague course and expectations and delivery varies a lot between tutorial groups.

There appears to be some machines that have log in issues, all computing issues should be reported to Computer Support.  There are also reports of some students being logged on the machines hall day when there is no-one using them.  Alison will send out another email, as this is not acceptable.

It was also reported that the printer in the drill hall won’t print. Alison said the printer had originally had a configuration issue, but all further problems should be reported to Computing Support and providing sufficient information on the problem.

Alison also said that Computing Support are looking into making on-line videos of help explaining how run jobs, printing, VPN, NX etc. Any other suggestions would be welcome.

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