Minutes of Meeting on 25/01/2017

Bjoern informed the Reps that there would be a meet the Director of Teaching meeting at 2pm in the Mini Forum after today’s meeting at 2pm.  This is to give all students the opportunity to ask any questions that they may have.  He also explained to the students that the School has until 1st February to have the exam marks uploaded.

The Reps said the exams were all fine and they were happy with the additional information from INF1-CL and the revision lecture.  INF1-DA appears to have lots of media channels which the students find very helpful.

There was no issues with the exam diet, all went well.  INF2C-SE coursework 3 was very late in being returned. Bjoern explained that this was because at the start of the Semester the course had a team in place, however some decided not to take the jobs and that left the course without sufficient support, so Paul Jackson the lecturer had to do a lot by himself. Next year the School are hoping to have allocation of duties in place earlier, so we don’t have this issue again.

Students have now received their feedback from CSLP but were asking about AILP, as that is now 3 weeks late.

The final year students are happy with their new Informatics Hoodies. These were issued only to 4th/5th years as they have been part of the School for a few years, it is not feasible to hand them out to MSc students as the class is in excess of 350. Update: We’re looking into ways of offering Hoodies to MSc students at a discounted rate.

They also asked for any information on the project demonstration date, there has been no updates from Don Sannella.  SAPM is apparently being taught to slow and the students are concerned they won’t be able to cover the whole course.

MLPR was late in being returned but the students were happy with the feedback but it would have been good to get this back before the exam. Bjoern explained that as we do not have caps on our courses, as per University guidelines it is very difficult to judge how many students we have going onto one course, some courses from last year had an intake of 40 which now stands at 200, as we cannot predict enrollments, it is difficult for the School to know what teaching support it requires in order for a course to run without any difficulties i.e teaching space etc.

NLU the students are pleased with the way the course is being taught.

MSc Dissertation topics: Bjoern suggested that the students should pick at least 5 topics in case they don’t get the one that the want to do. Update: Please spread your project selection across multiple supervisors and projects and make sure you also include less popular projects. Some areas such as Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing are very popular – in fact, the demand for projects in these areas exceeds the School’s capacity for project supervision.

There is not enough soap in the dispensers at FH.


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    I sent information about the project demonstration event this morning.

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