Minutes of Meeting on 08/02/2017

Neil Heatley (ISS Manager) and Paul Jackson (MSc Course Organiser) attended. 

Bjoern informed the Reps that from now on all Year Organisers will be invited to attend the weekly meetings. 
Teaching Committee meeting will be held today in which students are invited to attend, he will send out the links for previous minutes from meetings and agenda. This meeting covers things like late submission policies, new Course plans, exam viewing etc.  This is good to get opinions on such matters. 

No complaints, all courses are running fine. 

INF2D coursework was released on 3rd February but the skeleton file required will not be released until the 9th, not allowing the students to go ahead and make a start. Also the slides on the web page are from last year 2015/2016. 
INF2B and INF2D in both courses the students feel that some of the tutors are not confident in what they are trying to teach in the tutorials. 
DMMR had the same course topics currently being offered by the School of Mathematics, there appears to be an overlap in the course context, so students feel they are covering the same stuff they had done last semester. 

SDP is currently underway, so no students were present but are invited to email Bjoern with any issues. 

No general issues. 

The projects available are now online and students can now see what new projects have been recently added. Don Sannella has now emailed out with the Project Demo date. MLP has had guest lectures which were welcomed. RL lectures this week have been replaced by tutorials which is also welcomed. The School still has issues with the amount of students selecting certain supervisors the school is looking into selecting some PhD students to help support supervisors. Self proposed projects are still welcome but the students would need to approach supervisors and ask if they are willing. ( Bjoern this might be missing a few crucial points but the whole chat confuses me! If there is anything to add as I see a few emails went out after the meeting last week. I hope this makes sense, as working from notes and phone from home). Thanks Kendal 

It was asked if a fridge could be supplied for students to use, Neil informed the students we have to leave Forrest Hill by August and it could be considered when we move back to Appleton Tower. 


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