Minutes of Meeting on 15/02/2017

In Attendance: Paul Anderson UG1 Course Organiser, Rik Sarkar UG2 Course Organiser, Christophe Dubach UG3 Course Organiser, Mary Cryan UG4 Course Organiser, Bjoern Franke Director of Teaching

Bjoern informed the meeting that from now on all Course Organisers will be invited to attend, enabling them to get more involved with any of their course issues.

No issues, the students are very pleased with INF1-DA, the course is very detailed and the communication channels are also very good.

Both courseworks are out for INF2D and INF2B and so far there don’t seem to be any major problems. Some of the students are finding the INF2D lectures very repetitive of what we did in first year CL, is it possible to review the course?

It was asked when the AILP (Artificial Intelligence Large Practical) results would be out since they are delayed for a month now.
The students are really busy with SDP and the match days are held on a Wednesday, there was an issue that the students couldn’t attend the Career Fare Day due to match day.  Also for SDP Garry was off sick last week and there was no-one available to assist the students, causing a bit of a delay in the work, it was asked if someone could be made available in the event of staff absences.
Operating Systems course is very good and the coursework was also very good.
Compiling Techniques coursework marks were quite low but Christophe said if anyone has any issues they can email him directly and he will respond, there is also a post from him on the Piazza group.
SELP feedback was very late in being returned.

No issues apart from students running jobs on the machines for days, stopping others from using them, this has been reported to Computing Support.

The project deadline has been extended until Friday 17th February, there are some student who still have not still not registered interest in any projects, they must submit 5 project interest and then they will be marked suitable or unsuitable by the Supervisors.  Some supervisors have said they would be willing to take on some extra students with the support from Phd’s students.
IRR feedback is late it was due back last Thursday 9th February.  NLP and RL lectures are running over time, causing students to run late to other classes.  CCN slides are not available on-line before the lectures, they are up 2 days after the lecture, could this be reviewed.  MT the slides are also not available on-line. IRP tutorials are late in being set up but hopefully the will be resolved after the project deadline on Friday.

It was asked if a link could be made available of the events being held in the Festival of Creative Learning week, Bjoern said he would put a link in the blog, but the information can be found by a Google search.




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  1. bfranke says:

    The lecturer points out that MT slides from last year have been available all semester. There is also lecture capture this year.

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