Minutes of Meeting on 01/03/2017

In attendance: Bjoern Franke (Director Teaching), Paul Anderson (UG1 Course Organiser), Neil Heatley (ISS Manager), Alison Downie (Computing Support)

All appears to be running smoothly and the students have no issues.

Everything is running smoothly, INF2D coursework 1 was late in being released, it appeared to have information in it from last years coursework and the PDF was confusing.

AILP feedback has still not been returned to the students, Bjoern will talk to the lecturer again.  Software Testing lectures are running a week behind due to staff illness, Bjoern informed the Reps that all courses have additional room booking slots, that can be used to catch up for missed classes, revision slots etc.  COMN there was confusion about the submission due today on the course web page and Piazza page at 4pm, Bjoern suggested the Rep talk to the lecturer as soon as possible.

RLSC coursework had some issues and although the TA had replied to individual students, it was felt his responses would have been better being sent to the class.
There is a voluntary thing for the 4th years to produce a poster and Informatics would print them, as part of a demonstration of their 4th Year Project, but they would have liked more time to do this as the turn around was 3 days.

The project allocations have now taken place, and roughly 75% out of 350 were allocated one of their top 3 choices, despite extreme popularity of projects in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning and limited members of staff covering these areas. To create more supervision capacity the School has allocated Teaching Assistants to assist the supervisors.  A few students didn’t not get their choice and they are currently being assisted. The Reps said they didn’t receive an email to say that their projects were allocated, Bjoern will look into this.

The students are still waiting on their IRR feedback but the ITO is still waiting on some tutors returning their feedback.

IRP: Students would like more topic tailored groups and examples specific to the topics. Bjoern said the students should talk to the Supervisors.  The School is looking at IRP structure for next year, maybe a split cohort between students who want to do either industry oriented development projects or research projects.

RL deadline was due on Monday 28th and then moved on Monday afternoon to Thursday 2nd, this was due to the environment having a bug, the students had asked on the Piazza page but there was no response from the lecturer.

AFTD the feedback is late and the students need it back as soon as possible so the can go ahead with coursework 2 and the students feel the lecturer is a bit unapproachable.

The flies in the Drill Hall are still a nuisance, Neil Heatley will talk to Estates and Buildings again.

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2 Responses to Minutes of Meeting on 01/03/2017

  1. tspink says:

    Hello, I can provide a partial answer for the lack of an e-mail notification about assigned MSc projects.

    The project management system tracks all students, and as such when it comes time to click the “Notify” button, it should send out an e-mail to each student, notifying them of their assigned project. However, there was a last-minute question about the recipients of these e-mails, and so in order to verify that the correct students would receive the notification, the functionality for sending notifications was disabled. This was to avoid confusion for a particular set of students.

    Since the allocations have already gone live, it’s too late to send out this individual notification e-mail out, and may cause further confusion, so it’s been decided not to send out the individual e-mails.

  2. bfranke says:

    Update on ATFD: The coursework was returned on the Monday before the Student Rep Meeting – it appears there’s no issue here.

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