Followup on Reps Meeting 4/10/2017

General Issues

  • Map of available machines – this appears to be difficult to do immediately but we will look into it more thoroughly and report back.  There is an approved project proposal for this but it has not so far been resourced.
  • People running jobs in the background, response from computing officers: “Running background jobs is allowed. However students doing so are told to use “nice”( a linux command) and are told to logout and not to put up signs saying “do not use this machine”.  Students are also told that they can reboot any machine they cannot use because of a background job or that has any sign on it like this. Students cannot kill others students jobs themselves, but they can easily log out other students on machines without having to reboot, and they are told how to do this.

    We are going to send out a reminder. Having a sheet stating the
    policy in the labs themselves (on every desk is probably overkill)
    seems like a good idea though.”

  • Additional Power: This is the response from health and safety: “All the open areas on each floor (3,4,5,6) have spare power sockets round the walls. Most L3,4  labs have additional sockets round the walls and/or on the desks.

    The difficulty might be in the labs on levels 5 and 6 where most sockets are used for our PCs. Both lab areas are heavily used and are not setup for additional connections (lab equipment sharing bus bars with student equipment is not usually allowed because a fault in student equipment could cause issues with lab power).

    On L5 we have a minor works project in the coming year and there may be the opportunity to add additional sockets then.

    Additional sockets were not added to L6, due the inability to provide separate bus bars.

Professional Issues
Slides and reading should be available now.

There are some issues with this – we are still investigating what can be done


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