Followup to Reps Meeting 18/10/2017


  • Programming Club excluded people from the lab because they were doing a mock interview exercise.  This was for one week only.  We will look at timing any such events better in future.
  • Professional Issues should be up to date now.


  • School is revisiting the issue of print credit and will resolve this shortly – in particular pruning to support tutoring/demonstrating will be covered.


  • We take attendance to help monitor engagement so we can identify students with issues that should be contacted by their tutor.  No event in Informatics is compulsory and the attendance is only taken to monitor engagement.


  • The blog is operating now – there were some issues in it being taken over by the new director of teaching.
  • The lifts will be a problem until all the work in the Appleton Tower is complete.  When three lifts are operating the system seems to work well (for those who are able, using the stairs is a healthy option…)
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