Reps Meeting 1/11/2017

The Reps are still putting together a class survey.  UG1 is currently under curriculum review and one option is a move to 2 20 points courses one in each semester.  Students will be included in any decision to change the current structure.

INF2A students are enjoying the course and the coursework was fun to do.
INF2C-CS Students feel this course should be a 20 credit course, as it has quite a heavy workload.

SELP has no labs, the students feel labs would be helpful and give them a bit of guidance.
AILP there appears to be bugs in the pdf, and the Piazza response is very slow.
CS is reported to be very good, Kami records her lectures and Myrto doesn’t, Myrto’s lectures are maths based.  Stuart said some lecture theatres have a camera installed to capture the blackboard or document camera could be used (MLPR reportedly uses the document camera).
PI the students feel that 2 sessions at 2 hours is too long.

NC students are complaining that there is no Piazza page available and when the lecturer is emailed for anything they are very slow in replying, also there was miss communication about lectures resulting in some students missing 2 lectures.  There is also not enough tutorials.  Stuart said he is looking at look at the possibility of using Collaborate for open tutorials and possibly running revision tutorials for Honours courses not just Non Honours.

MLP there was updates to the coursework on Piazza but nothing on the pdf file, this caused confusion, Stuart will talk to the lecturer to make it more clearer and have one just one source for information.

MLPR and PM have been reported to be a very good course.
BDL apparently is not very well organised.
IMC does not have any lecture recordings available.

ANLP there has been complaints from students about other students talking through the lecture, disrupting others.

Tutors are still waiting on contracts and cannot submit time sheets, as they do not have employee reference numbers.

Computing Support are going to update all students with print credit, UG4/5 students will be given extra credit to cover at least 2 copies of their dissertation and tutors will also be given extra credit to allow them to print any tutorial sheets required.

DMMR will be an open book exam, and students will be allowed to take in notes, as some students do not have access to the recommended book.

Travel funding will be made available for students wishing to attend competitions etc, but we need to compile a list of what it is happy top pay for and what it’s not.  The reps were asked to consider what could be eligible for funding.

Some students are not happy with other students eating in the labs.

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