Reps Meeting 18/10/2017

No issues

No issues

There was complaints about a Programming club being held in the main lab on level 6, Room 6.06 on Friday 13th between 11am – 1pm, none of the students were able to access the room and there was coursework deadlines, the ITO are looking into this.
Professional Issues the students who have bought the book which was recommended have still not be told what chapters they are meant to be reading.

The students were asking about print credit some of them are tutors and have to print off documents for tutorials and they don’t appear to have an extra free credit.

Computer Graphics the students feel one lecturer is very good and the other is unprepared, Alan said that if the students feel the content of the course is not be covered correctly, then talk to the lecturer.

MLP it was asked why the lecturer is taking attendance in the lectures, the lecturer has decided to do this as there is no tutorials for this course to record attendance, so he is using Tophat to record attendance as an engagement point for the course.

The Reps were asking when the blog would be updated, and there are still complaints about the lifts.

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