Reps Meeting 25/10/2017

In attendance: Stuart Anderson, Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley, ISS Manager, Kendal Reid, ITO.
Stuart updated the Reps from the issues of last weeks meeting:

  • Professional Issues the course slides are now available on the course page and indications of what chapters of the book have to be read.
  • Stuart will talk to the Programming Club about the use of the main lab on level 6 and taking up the space and evicting students from the lab while it is on.
  • Attendance recording in MLP via Tophat, this is purely done as an engagement process to target any students that don’t show to classes due to any course or health issues etc.
  • Print credit will be looked into by Computing Support, especially for tutors and UG4 students working on their 4th year project.

The students have just had the INF1-FP mock exam and the feedback from it was good.

The reps are going to put together a questionnaire to give out to the students to get feedback regarding INF1-CL and INF1-FP, they are going to talk to the course lecturers.

INF1-CL the students would like more support for this course, it was suggested it would be good to maybe have a couple of sessions a week in Infpals to be dedicated on INF1-CL, it was also suggested that the students could email the Infpal leaders asking them what they would like to be covered.  Also INF1-CL only provides slides and the students have requested that there are more resources are made available a reading list would be useful, Stuart will talk to Mike.  Students could also look at the past papers on the library web page

INF2A coursework one has been released and it was reported that it is well written and understandable.

The deadline is tomorrow Thursday 26th October and all appears to be well with this.

AILP: the students asked why this is called Artificial Intelligence Large Practical when it doesn’t cover anything in AI.  This will be raised with the course lecturer.

The feedback from part one of Compiling Techniques has not been returned to the students and part 2 is due tomorrow (Thursday 26th October), each coursework for this course is dependant on one another and they relay on the feedback first to enable them to complete the next part correctly. Stuart will talk to the lecturer.
Extreme Computing has not released any coursework dates to the students, Stuart will talk to the lecturer.

No issues.

  • Neil explained that if any students are picked up on our system as using Bitcoin mining, using the School or University’s resources for personal wealth will be given a fine, these kind of things are picked up when monitoring a students data use.
  • The ladies toilets on level 4 the door locks are still missing or broken, Neil will look into this as he thought it had been fixed.
  • Neil will talk to the UG4 students about their ideas on designing final year hoodies.
  • The exam timetable will be issued on Thursday 26th October.
  • Stuart thanked the students for going along to the Coffee morning in the Forum last week, it was well attended and good for the students and staff to mingle.  There was a suggestion by Neil of a mulled wine and mince pie event nearer Christmas and some dates were asked but not agreed, but the students felt before the exam diet starts would be a good idea.
  • Computing Support has asked the students not to unplug any of the machines in the labs.
  • The School has a budget for students who wish to apply to attend certain events such as computing competitions, Neil will develop a proposal for an application process and consult.  We need to identify suitable events:  Could reps identify any events that would be worthwhile?
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