Reps Meeting 4/10/2017

Stuart thanked the students for volunteering to be Class Reps for 2017/18. This task will involve being a voice for the years they represent to cover any issues on a weekly basis, bigger issues such as curriculum issues will be covered by Board of Studies and conduct of
Teaching will be covered by Teaching Committee, both these committees welcome Rep attendance.

The Rep names will be sent to EUSA who will be in touch in due course regarding any training the Reps may require.  It is important that Reps are properly trained since they are intended to be “representative” of all points of view in the School.

Near the end of Semesters Reps will be invited to attend Staff Student Liaison Meetings, this will be a meeting solely based on the years involved along with teaching staff from that year, to go over any specific course issues.

General Issues
Students were asking about the use of the PC’s, can they access PC’s while there are labs and tutorials on, the answer is yes, as long as they do not disrupt teaching. Stuart suggested that it maybe worth looking to block booking part of the labs that are being used if the class is smaller than the capacity of the room.

It was also asked for more power point sockets for use of personal laptops.

There is still an ongoing issue with students running programs in the background on the machines and they are unoccupied but logged in, Computing Support could maybe inform the students that this isn’t allowed.

Professional Issues
The course has not uploaded any slides yet and the students have bought the book that was recommended for reading but not been informed as to what chapters are relevant.

The lecturer is not recording any of his lectures, Stuart will talk to the course lecturer regarding this.

Students were asking about the December exam diet dates and do we know when the last exams will be, Stuart explained that Registry deal with the exam timetabling and not the School and we do not have any input in the final timetable.

There was a discussion over the timing of examinations.  College policy is that courses should be examined in the semester they are taught.  We are moving to that policy but it may take a couple of years to complete.

I was asked about Learn, most of Informatics do not use Learn but on the Learn pages it should have a direct link to each course specific, if the courses are on Learn it means that no-one can see anything about the course, even external students and Informatics staff don’t agree with this.  The School is discussing moving to use Learn more systematically.

There doesn’t appear to be any groups of Piazza for this course.

DMMR is now going to be submitted weekly electronically, students don’t necessarily have to submit on a DICE machine, this can be done via SSH.

Personal Tutors
It was asked if a student who was doing a Informatics degree but want to do more with Maths, could they be allocated a PT from Maths, but Stuart explained that if the Degree is owned by Informatics then it has to be an Informatics PT, but it could be looked at in future into allocating a PT who has a more knowledgeable background of Maths.

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