Reps Meeting Wednesday 11/10/2017

In attendance: Reps, Alan Smaill, Deputy Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley, ISS Manager, Kendal Reid, ITO

INF1-CL and INF1-FP had lectures slot swaps at the start of the Semester and although the students were informed by email and the information was on the course web pages, some students taking the course optionally didn’t get an email! INF1-FP there was ATOM issues with Haskell.

There is an issue with DMMR with the dot-cam and the sound, students at the back of the lecture theatre cannot hear or see the screen.  It was asked why the DMMR weekly submissions have been changed from a weekly paper submission to electronic submissions, this was changed due to the amount of admin the weekly submission was to the ITO.  It was asked if the ITO could consider having allocated tutor group boxes for them to submit?  Some tutors also said they find the pdf files that are submitted are quite hard to read.  Alan will talk to the lecturers.

The question asked at last weeks meeting regarding the lack of available machines or use of the machines when classes are on, is when Level 7 re-opens there is a plan to install some machines in there and also possibly installing wall mounted machines on level 9. Level 9 will only be open to final year students around mid November and MSc students during the Summer period while they work on their Dissertations, this space will hold roughly 70 people.

IQC is not being recorded, the School is not obliged to record lectures, it is up to the lecturer, the students can request this but the decision lies with the lecturer.

This course has a new lecturer but when the first coursework was released it was a slide deck and had no specification, extra tasks which are vague are still being added and the students still have no real idea of what is expected of them for this coursework.  Alan will talk to the lecturer.

IRR some tutorial groups still do not have any tutors, the ITO is aware of this and it is a staffing issue, it is being dealt with.

Computing Support are looking at putting together a web page that indicates what labs are being used and when, allowing students to see what is available and if the labs will be at full capacity while the classes are on.  Currently Appleton Tower does not have any defined study space but the students can go onto MYed and find find bookable rooms within the University.

There are no locks on the ladies toilets doors on level 4, Appleton Tower.  Neil will look into this.

There is still an issue with the lifts, one is being used solely by the contractors on level 9, but the plan is for level 9 to be handed back to us soon, then the use of this lift will be fully functional, the other lift is still under renovation and hopefully be back in use by December.

The Reps asked if it was necessary to sign in and out of the Forum every time, Neil explained that this is for security as the Forum is a research facility is it essential that everyone signs in and out, so we know who is in the building but he could look into the possibility of just showing their student ID instead.

Microwave this has now been cleaned by a volunteer students, this will be situated on Level 4, kitchen area, as no food or drink is allowed on level 6.  If this is not kept clean by users then will be permanently removed by the ITO.

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