Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 15th November

In attendance: Alan Smaill, Deputy Director of Teaching; Neil Heatley,
ISS Manager; Paul Anderson, UG1 Course Organiser; Lindsay Brown,
Computing Support; Kendal Reid, ITO;

Apologies: Stuart Anderson, DoT.

Follow up from last week’s meeting:

  • Two Reps have volunteered to sit in the Teaching Committee and Board of
    Studies Committee.
  • Every student should now have print credit, allowances differ between years and tutors will be allocated additional credit to account for their duties.
  • The ITO are now in the process of arranging Staff Student Liaison Meetings which will be held in Week 11, this will allow the Reps of each
    years to meet with their Course Organiser and course lecturers.
  • The course Introduction to Modern Cryptography is now being recorded but the lecturer for Computer Design does not wish to have theirs recorded
    and they are not obliged to do so.

The Reps said that the UG1 Facebook page is up and running and students
can use this to post anonymous comments on it, and the Reps will
feedback to the meeting anything that is relevant.

INF1-CL the students are still requesting more practical examples.

No issues, it appears to be hard to work out who is the Demonstrator in
the labs.

Professional Issues: the students feel the marking was biased, these were
videos that were submitted.  (This has been discussed on the Piazza but may need further clarification).

Introductory Applied Machine Learning: the students felt the feedback for coursework 1 and 2 was inconsistent and was late in being returned, this
didn’t help the students who are due to submit coursework 3 tomorrow –
16th November, as they needed the feedback for the next part.

Compiling techniques: the afternoon test doesn’t appear to be working but
the evening one is.

MLPR is reported to be a very good course.
MLP the feedback from coursework 1 has still not being returned and the
feedback is required for coursework 2.

Extreme Computing cluster has been down alot, although it has now been fixed and the students were granted an extension, it has appeared to be quite problematic and the lecturer wasn’t to helpful, saying it was a Computing Support issue.


Alan asked the students if anyone would like to become a Fire Steward for AT, this would entail training which would last about 30 mins and be able to assist in vacating the building in the event of a fire alarm, including out of hours.  Gillian Bell ITO Manager will send out an email to all students, asking for volunteers.

The locks on the ladies toilets on level 6 are both broken.

The lack of plug sockets on level 6 are still an issue, the School is aware of this but the reason for this was for health and safety reasons as most of the sockets come from the floor, but there are alot more sockets on level 5.

There is still in an on-going issue of submitting time sheets and contracts, there is an automatic email going out from our system which is causing confusion, but students have to just keep continuing to submit their time sheets and the system for dealing with these is planning to go live on Monday 20th November.

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