Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 22nd November

In attendance: Stuart Anderson, Director of Teaching; Jennifer Oxley, Computing Support; Kendal Reid, ITO.

The students still feel that they need more practical examples for INF1-CL, the Rep is going to to write a report and submit it directly to the course lecturer.  Stuart said INF1-CL and INF1-FP are currently under review to see if it possible create a more integrated course in the future.  This review process will have student representation.

INF2C-SE it was asked when the marks for coursework 2 would be released, this would be useful before the deadline for coursework 3 is due on the 28th November. Stuart will look into this.
INF2A the students felt the responses on the Piazza page weren’t as responsive as they would have liked.

No feedback.

BDL  – There have been some problems with the server.  Stuart will talk to Aggelos.

TSP coursework was not released until 9th November and the deadline was set for the 17th, it was requested to the lecturer for an extension but it was declined. Stuart will look into this.

MLP the DICE machines were running really slowly when the students were trying to submit their coursework, but due to the size of the class and everyone using the system it is bound to be slow at peaks times, the School is purchasing 200 new GPUs for next Semester, so hopefully the resources will improve.    Students felt the feedback inconsistent because of different markers for a large course.  Some students felt more structured feedback was required.  The School is looking into moderation mechanisms in general, particularly for large classes where it is impossible for a single individual to mark all submissions


It was asked if the School could supply another microwave in the kitchen area of level 3, Appleton Tower.  This will be looked into.

Can the ITO supply whiteboards erasers? The ITO does not supply whiteboard erasers any more as these appear to make more mess, they can however supply on request clean kitchen paper and whiteboard cleaner which can be collected and returned from the ITO.

It would have been better if the course surveys were completed after the exams, the students feel that the it would be better to include feedback from the exams.

All students should now be supplied with print credit, and if additional credit is required for tutors and demonstrators this can be done via a request to Computing Support.

The Staff Student Liaison Meetings should now be organised for all years, these will be held in revision week.  This is an opportunity to meet with the Year Organiser and Year Lectures to discuss anything regards to the course structures.  Stuart will circulate the SSLC policies.

The light that appears to be flashing in the main lab on Level 6, has been reported.

There are still on-going issues to get the contracts sorted out, this is done via Human Resources and they have a large back log that need to be manually entered, hopefully this will be resolved soon.

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