Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 29th November

In attendance: Alan Smaill, Deputy Director of Teaching; Neil Heatley, ISS Manager; Sarah Taylor, Computing Support; Kendal Reid, ITO

Apologies: Stuart Anderson, DoT.

No issues – they had their Staff Student Liaison Meeting this morning (Wednesday 29th November)

There don’t appear to be any lab demonstrators visible in the lab session in Room 6.16, there is suppose be support available for coursework for INF2A, Alan will email the course lecturers.  There isn’t any other issues, they are busy with deadlines due this week for INF2C-CS/INF2C-SE/INF2A

No Reps in attendance

There is still an issues of the machines taking a long time to run their work for MLP, new machines will be purchased in the New Year, hopefully resolving this issue. Also with the INF1-FP mocks exams being on this week the big labs are in use and if they students are running MLP in the background, their job is  killed.  The deadline has been extended to take account of this

There appeared to be some confusion of the availability of the use in Room 6.16 between 6pm – 8pm on Monday 27th, there was various students working in the lab and it had been booked for INF1-CL on Monday morning, so the students were asked to leave, students can see what rooms are available through their myed pages.

No Reps in attendance.

The Mulled Wine and Mince Pie event to be held on Tuesday 5th December will be postponed until the start of next year.

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