Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 24th January 2018

In attendance: Neil Heatley ISS Manager, Gordon Reid Computing Support, Kendal Reid ITO, Katey Lee ITO, Sarah Taylor, Communications and Recruitment Officer

The Reps have now set up a Facebook page and are happy that the students are using it.  INF1-DA students are happy with the notes that are being supplied by the lecturer and excited about the new layout of INF1-OP.

INF2D lecturer has been finishing lectures earlier than scheduled and the students feel he is not familiar with the content of the slides and it would be helpful if he was available on Piazza.  The lectures on a Tuesday and Friday are being recorded but not on a Thursday.
INF2C-SE coursework 3 has now been returned to the students.

OS is well organised.
PI coursework marks have now been returned.
ITCS is not being recorded, it can be decided by the lecturer, at the moment their is no official policy on making this mandatory.

AGTA material is now available but still not on Piazza.
MLP will not be recording Guest Lectures at the request of the guest.

RL the students are finding the course structure a bit odd, there are typos in the slides and they have not been updated on-line and the lecturer is not well prepared.

IRR is due on Thursday 25th January, but some tutors appeared to have sent their feedback to the students already, a consistent plan should be set to follow one guide, so students get feedback at the same time.
DME lecturer didn’t take a break in his 2 hour lecture slot.

It was asked by the MSc students why they do not have access to level 9, Neil said it was purely due to numbers, the 4th years have access to it just now as a personal study space as they have been students in the School for 4 years but when the students finish, the space will be handed over to be used by the MSc students in the summer when they start work on their Dissertations.

Informatics students are arranging an Ice Skating Disco on 8th February from 7ap – 9pm at Murrayfield, to be announced, also an INF Ball to be held on the 8th April in the Jam House, Queen Street, Edinburgh, also to be announced.

Toilets on level 7, 8 and 9 have been refurbished and now level 5 and 6 are currently being done.

Neil is looking to hold an Open Doors to level 9, to allow members of Informatics to see level 9, this is to be confirmed.  Also the door seems to be setting of the alarm, this has been reported to Estates.  If the door breaks then students can access level 9 via the back stairs from level 6, using their student card and PIN.  It was asked if DICE machines would be made available on level 9, Neil said this can be done but they are not keen to turn it into a lab, and keep it as a study space the students will ask and get the opinions of how many they think would be required and where to put them.

National Student Surveys will soon be released and students are encouraged to complete these when prompted.

It was asked about a potential staff strike in February, but Neil had no information but if one does go ahead then anyone in the Union is not obliged to say until that day.

If printers run out of paper, paper can be supplied from the ITO.

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