Staff Student Rep Meeting 07/02/2018

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley ISS Manager, Lindsay Brown Computing Support, Kendal Reid ITO, Katey Lee Student Support Officer, Karen Davidson Student Support Officer, Sarah Taylor, Communications and Recruitment Officer, Segolene Gallus, Web and Social Media Co-Ordinator

INF1-OP still haven’t distributed the solutions.

Stuart has contacted the lecturer.

The issues with the INF2D lecture theatre being too small has been looked into, they only other alternative is that the lecture be moved to 9am in another location or wait until after Festival of Creative Learning, when some lecture finish and other rooms will be made available, Neil will keep an eye on this.  It was also reported that the INF2D lecturer appears to be cutting the lectures short, Stuart will talk to him.  The lectures have now been scheduled for recording.

Stuart has contacted the lecturer.

PI for next year they will look into minimalising the paper work required.

OS will look into more support i.e. tutorials

SELP has still not received any feedback.

SDP it was reported that some of the teams are not working very well, it was suggested if there are any team issues, then they should firstly talk to their Mentor who will try and resolve the situation, as the groups have to work well to enable good grades.  Stuart will also feed this back the lectures.

DS and ITCS are not being recorded, again this is up the lecturer, next year the University will make it policy to record all lectures and they will have an opt out option but it will have to be a very good reason to opt out.  Guest lectures will be optional to the Guest.

MLP coursework 3 is suggested to be group work, this was not announced at the start of the class, although it is suggested it isn’t enforced, so a student can still work on this alone.

UG4 Projects some students are not receiving as much support from their supervisors as other students, there is a lack of communication from some and some supervisors did not realise that the Intern Report was due, Stuart will email the Supervisors.

RL has a new lecturer this year and he is taking on a revision of the lecture material. Stuart  has discussed this with him and he will reduce the amount of revision to help manage the workload.

Segolene has asked the students on their views on navigating the Informatics web pages, most students said that the quickest way to find things are via Google, she has asked the students if they could maybe give her some opinions on any ideas they may have to make this better. She will also email the Reps and maybe put together a Survey.

Stuart introduced Katey and Karen as the new Student Support Officers, who will be supporting students and Personal Tutors.

It was mentioned about the UCU Strike action, again anyone taking part in any strike action is not obliged to inform the School, the School may look at setting up a web page for any updates on this.  If there is significant disruption caused to teaching then this will be reviewed at the Scrutiny meetings if anything is not taught then they will try and ensure that it will not be examined.

Level 9 appears to be a bit warmer than last week.

Neil has emailed the students regarding if they use the Virtual Learning Environments, this is part of the School’s involvement in the VLE standards pilot that is aiming to define standard templates in the VLE.

The kitchen lights on level 6 have been reported.

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