Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 14th February 2018

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Lindsay Brown
Computing Support, Kendal Reid ITO, Katey Lee Student Support Officer,
Karen Davidson Student Support Officer, Valerie McIntosh Volunteering
Cordinator EUSA

The meeting was joined today by Valerie McIntosh from the Volunteering
Service at EUSA, she came to explain the the Volunteering Service exists to connect our students with the local community as well as UK based volunteering opportunities with Third Sector organisations, primarily byengaging students in rewarding volunteering opportunities.  It offers a volunteering brokerage (replacing that of the Careers Service’s for UK based volunteering), student-led volunteering societies, organises events, as well as advice, resources and funding to students who volunteer.  In addition, it also offers awards and recognition to students.  These include the Edinburgh Award for Volunteering – running 3 times a year – and our annual celebration event: the Activities Awards, in March.   To find out more and get in touch with the Volunteering Team:

Stuart has spoken to the INF1-OP lecturer and he has put up the
solutions.  The solutions are here:

The first coursework for INF2B ADS coursework has been released but
there is no Piazza forum available.  Stuart has raised this with the course lecturers and will copy a response here.

No Reps were in attendance.

The Human Factor Working with Users is having to be taught in two
sessions on a Tuesday 11am – 1pm and a Wednesday 1pm – 3pm due it being
taught in Room 6.06 Appleton Tower, the space is not big enough to cope
with the class size, the ITO is aware of this and are hopeful a larger
space will be available after the Flexible Learning week.

Regarding the timeline of MSc project allocation:

There has been a slight delay in allocation, due to issues about
calculating the load of supervisors.  This has now been resolved after
discussion with the DoT.

The allocation will now be made, and a draft allocation will be
distributed to supervisors within the next 1-2 days but there will be a delay before students are informed while the allocations are finalised.

Computing Support has put 4 machines into level 9 at the back of the
room but due to lack of power points, more will be installed throughout
the floor.

Level 4 appears to have power issues.  This may be due to personal devices causing the power to trip but this has not been confirmed.   The School is aware of the issue and is looking into it.  Any issues should be reported to Computing Support as soon as possible via the support form so the issue can be rectified quickly.

There appear to be Spam messages being sent out concerning University Services, these can be reported to Information Services:

University policy is that where possible courses are examined in the semester they are taught.  It seems that the short exam diet in Semester 1 and the constraints and dependencies between exams mean it is difficult to schedule more examinations that are currently examined in Semester 1.  We will review the situation and discuss the situation with College of Science and Engineering.

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