Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 31st January 2018

In attendance: Neil Heatley ISS Manager, Lindsay Brown Computing Support, Kendal Reid ITO, Katey Lee ITO, Sarah Taylor, Communications and Recruitment Officer

Several students said that they would like official solutions to be released to the weekly INF1-OP lab exercises, in the same way they were released last semester in INF1-FP. Currently Junit tests are provided to test homework solutions, but all they do is tell us if we did something wrong, not necessarily if we solved the problem optimally.

Response: We have asked the Inf1-OP lecturer and will respond next week.
INF2D lecture on a Thursday in G.07, Meadows Lecture Theatre is too small, it is very cramped.  (Action: Neil H. will look into this. ) There is also no schedule for this lecture to be recorded, although the room is equipped for this.  Some tutors are showing up late, Stuart explained that due to some timetabling issues it might be unavoidable but he will look into this.

Response: We emailed the person responsible for the recording schedule to ensure all the lectures are recorded.  We will report back next week.
AILP students are displeased with the lack of information and communication, the School is aware of the situation and Stuart will be meeting up with the lecturer to discuss this.  There will also be a meeting with the class to explore the issues.
PI was an open book exam and the students felt that there was too much paperwork to be taken into the exam, possibility of minimising the paper or doing the exam on a DICE machine.
OS is a 20 credit course, and it only has 2 hours of lectures a week, there are no tutorials, no recordings and not on Learn, Stuart will talk to the lecturer.

Response: The relevant people have been contacted and we will respond at the next meeting.
CS has still not put up the lecture recordings.

MLP coursework was a couple of days late being released.

RL there has been complaints about the structure of the course, the curriculum is not clear on the website, Stuart is planning to have a meeting with the lecturer.

University Strike Action

Only those signed up to UCU are taking part if they wish and only have to inform the School on the day.  We will do our best to minimise any disruption.  Action Stuart for more information

It was reported that Level 9 is really cold, Neil is currently looking into this, and he reported that Level 9 will not have any heating after around 20h00 in the evenings.

Level 4 is too hot.

It was asked when the exam results will be sent out, Informatics have followed the Universities deadline of the 31st January, so all results will be out by the end of the day.  Some Schools are able to distribute their results quicker, but our results go through several checks before distribution and we have very large classes to check.

The ITO are running time slots to allow students to view their exam scripts, we recommend that students read the following web pages as a guide to viewing their exam scripts for further clarification:

Computing Support are currently putting together an app which will allow students to view what spaces are available in the lab on the PC’s.

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