Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 21st March 2018

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley ISS Manager, Richard Bell Computing Support, Kendal Reid ITO, Karen Davidson Student Support Officer

No reported issues, some students have set up their own study groups to support one another during the Strike.  Stuart said that he didn’t think the Strike had to much of an impact on Non Honours courses, but Neil is in the process of gathering information of what courses have been badly affected and what has and hasn’t been taught.

INF2B lecturer has put material on-line to cover the 2nd coursework, although he is has been on Strike, but they are no lecture recordings available, Stuart will look into this.

CS Myrto’s lecture recordings are not available on-line, even though they have been recorded.
AILP and CSLP are being taught by the same lecturer and the coursework for each course are practically the same in content, there has not been any coursework returned either.

BDL this is the first time this course has ran and the students would like some idea of what to expect in the exam.
It has been reported that some UG4 project supervisors are not being responsive to the the students they are meant to be be supervising, the students who have not had any response are wary of complaining as they know the supervisor is also the marker of their projects.  Stuart said to contact either himself or Neil if there are any issues and they will talk to the people involved.  Also it maybe a good idea to send out guidance to the Supervisors to explain what is expected of them. Students can also contact the Student Support Officers for advice on

RL has been restructured, so the students would like a specimen exam paper, so they know what to expect in the exam.  Stuart will look into this.

SP has 2 coursework submissions and the 2nd one is due this Friday 23rd March, but it hasn’t been released yet, the lecturer has been on Strike, so there has been no lectures either.  Stuart will look into this.


Updates from last weeks meeting:
Neil is still looking to get all the correct information for the International Scholarship Programmes.
The School is looking into the privacy of returning coursework, due to the Data Protection Act, at the moment some coursework is returned to the ITO and is available for other students to see.
Students would also like coursework to be submitted electronically rather than manually.
Any upcoming exams will be looked at to see if any questions have not been taught.

Level 9 is still either too hot or too cold, the School will look into Thermometers to see if we can get readings of how hot and cold it does get, but this is an ongoing issue and we are aware of it.

The cameras on level 9 are now going to be recording on a 2 second frame shot, so privacy to logging on etc, should not be captured.

Neil has sent out the information on Travel Fund Applications, and he will make the web page live with the deadline probably being around the end of April.

MSc students will gain access to Level 9 soon, but they will have to complete and sign a form, no signature, no entry.

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