Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 28th March 2018

In attendance: Neil Heatley ISS Manager, Ian Durkacz Computing Support, Kendal Reid ITO, Katey Lee Student Support Officer

No Reps in attendance.

No Reps in attendance.

It was reported that the lecturer for SP is planning to teach all missed lectures from the Strike in weeks 10 and 11, as the exam will  included material that has not been taught in the last few weeks. Action for Stuart to talk to the lecturer.

CS there are still no lecture recordings available from Myrto’s part of the course, although teaching has finished for it.  Action for Stuart to talk the lecturer.
SAPM and OS deadlines are the 29th March and the students have still not received feedback from the 1st assignment.
AILP had an oral assessment recently and the lecturer was very late in showing up and no feedback has been received from Semester 1.
SDP the deadlines were unmoveable and some students felt uncomfortable crossing the picket lines during the strike but they had to because they had to be in the building to take part.  It is being considered that the course may be moved to being worth more credit next year.  The students also feel that the feedback from the course organiser was inconsistent.

The time for the Summer Graduation Reception on 2nd July has yet to be confirmed.

There is issues with the shuttle bus times, some students are finding it difficult to get to and from lecturers in time between Central area and KB.  EUSA are apparently looking into re-scheduling the timetable.
The School has students taking 517 independent courses and sometimes timetable clashes can happen.

The lifts in AT have not been working properly lately, Neil has reported this to Building Issues.

The School is looking into the giving different years different coloured wrist bands so they can be identified by Security as being an Informatics student, due to recent Security issues.

Heating on level 9 is still being looked into, currently the heating is being automatically turned off at 7pm, Neil can maybe look into it being switched off a bit later. Some radiators on the floors have temperature valves and some don’t, so there is no way of regulating the heating as this is done centrally.

There is plans to hold a fire safety training meeting on Tuesday 3rd April at 11am, and forms must be signed by the MSc students to gain access to Level 9.

Students that are graduating in July will have access to Level 9 from the 30th June to the 3rd July, to allow them to show friends and family visiting for Graduation.

It was asked if new courses are obliged to supply sample exam papers, and the answer is yes.

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