Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 24th October 2018

In attendance: Neil Heatley Head of ISS, Kendal Reid ITO, Sarah Taylor Communications and Recruitment, Jennifer Oxley, Computing Support Officer

Apologies: Stuart Anderson, Director of Teaching

There are issues with the components in CL.  The lectures have been better but they need more structure in the tutorials.  The Reps suggestions were it may be helpful to have more tutors available in the tutorials but one of the tutors said that he felt that there is enough tutors but some students are just not asking for help.  The students also feel that the tutorial content could slow down a bit as a couple of weeks ago they were to work on Graphs and this had not yet been taught in the lecture and some students didn’t know what Graphs was.
The lecturer has covered in the last lecture on what could be examinable which the students felt this was useful.  It was suggested that the students could make more use of the facilities like INFBase and INFPals but the students said they just don’t have the time to go to these things due to the high volume of work expected from them.  Also maybe mixing up the tables at the tutorials so students can help one another.

Students are busy with the INF2C-CS MIPS coursework due 22/10.  The students feel that the coursework has taken a lot longer to do than expected, and they weren’t given clear guidelines as to how long they should be spending on each question, and they would like a definition of the marking guideline on how much of a grade distribution each question is worth.

PI students feel that the tutorials are misleading, they also feel that the criteria in the coursework is not the same as the course description.  Neil suggested they should contact Stuart directly.

IAML the marking criteria is not clear, it states that to gain plus 80% to show depth and knowledge but the Piazza page says to be brief and precise.  Coursework one was due a week ago and they don’t know how you are meant to gain an A or a B (Neil maybe this needs adjusting a bit).

NC lab is reported not to be covering the materials in the assessment the students have not been told what they should be covered.

Has there been any updated on how long coursework should be published before the deadline? Stuart was going to look into the Regulations.

MLP it was reported that the students had 10 days to submit the coursework and they felt they needed more time as they are finding it challenging, Neil suggested they should talk to the lecturer.

It was asked if drying racks for dishes on could be supplied in the kitchen areas of levels 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9.  Action Kendal

The heating in Appleton Tower is switched off at 7pm.

Students thanked Neil for supplying a fridge on Level 9.

There is still an on-going issue with the door to Level 9, Neil is aware if this and dealing with it.  It was also asked if there could be a whiteboard supplied on level 9 and a wall that you are able to write on and more lockers could be supplied.

ATFresh in the basement of AT will no longer be a café and other uses are being explored.

Any AT building issues that arise the following email address can be used

DICE machines are apparently freezing around 1am, Jennifer said to put in a Computing Support ticket to report any DICE or other Computing issues

The students are finding it difficult to connect to the XRDP Server remotely, Jennifer said it has a high volume of users for one server.
Running memory intensive jobs instead on the student compute server machine.  Action on Jennifer to compile notes to be sent out to the students.

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