Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 10th October 2018

In attendance: Neil Heatley ISS Manager, Kendal Reid ITO, Katey Lee Student Support Officer, Sarah Taylor, Communications and Recruitment Officer

Apologies: Stuart Anderson

No Reps in attendance but Qais Patanker said he had been asked to bring up a couple of issues.  There is no INF1-FP Drop-in labs now and the students feel they are not gaining anything from attending the tutorials.  INF1-CL there doesn’t appear to be any changes to the slides from previous years and they still have errors in them, and they are only being released the night before the lecture.

Stuart is still talking to the INF2A lecturer about allowing the students the use of their mobile phones in the lectures.  The tutorial sheets on Learn are linked to the Informatics homepage and there is no link available for the 2nd tutorial, the students think everything should be in sync and have to spend a lot of navigating between Learn and the home pages.

Tutorials for INF2A and DMMR have too much material to cover in the hour tutorial, they feel workshops would be much better suited to this.
INF2C-SE students feel there is no interaction between the students and the lecturer and the slides on the Learn folder is empty.
INF2C-CS source file is not working properly.

It was asked if a Quiet lab could be set up, Neil said there is no specific quiet space as all the space we have is used for teaching but South Lab on Level 5 could be a quiet lab, a sign will be put on the door.

No Reps in attendance.

MSc students were to receive £15 free print credit, but this hasn’t been received yet.
NC, MLP and CCS don’t have a live stream, this could be because it isn’t installed in the room or the lecturer doesn’t know how to work it.
NC has one lab session and the students don’t feel this is enough, the students also feel that the questions that they are given don’t appear to have specific answers, they find the questions and answers misleading and confusing.
Design Informatics can’t open any attachments on the a tablet for the ECA course, Neil suggested talking to the lecturer.  Could information be made more accessible on courses that run in the University for things like Latex and Presentation workshops etc.
It was asked if a web page could be created on expectations of Project Supervisors on what to do if students are experiencing problems of who to go if there are unable to contact their Supervisors, Neil suggested Don Sannella would be the first port of call and then himself or Stuart.

The ITO has now purchased a small fridge to be installed on Level 9.
Hoppers was asking if there was a way to see could see what rooms are available to book that can supply a Live Stream, Neil says this can only be down through Timetabling.  They also asked if there could be a way that anyone who enrols on the Hoppers mailing list can be sent a auto reply, Katey Lee says she will help out with this.


  • We have followed up on the Inf1 and 2 issues and hope to report back on this at the next meeting.
  • We have requested that print credit be updated.
  • On live-streaming issues – all video equipped rooms are capable of supporting livestreams but the streams will have a 5 minute delay.
  • On the other issues, I need a bit more context and will see this at the next meeting.
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