Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 17th October 2018

In attendance: Stuart Anderson, Director of Teaching, Kendal Reid ITO, Katey Lee, Student Support Officer, Carol Dow, Computing Support Officer

Stuart has spoken with the lecturers regarding the INF1-CL and INF1-FP issues brought up last week about the effectiveness of the tutorials and the length of the tutorial sheets and how the questions should be prioritised by level of difficulty.

MSc students  have all received their print credit.

Hoppers regarding the use of rooms that have a live stream available, most of the time they are fully booked, and it would be useful to be able to see the room booking page.  Stuart suggested talking to Alex Burford about setting up Hoppers on Learn and talk to ITO about Timetabling rooms with appropriate equipment.

BDL the contact on the Piazza page by the lecturer and the TA has improved.

The FP part of the course the students feel the tutorials are useful but they are not beginner friendly for Programming, 2 out of the 5 tutorials are labelled as beginner friendly.  FP teaches Haskell,  the CL lecturer is attempting to link to the FP course by using Haskell to illustrate some CL concepts.  However the Haskell used in CL often uses parts of Haskell that have not yet been covered in the FP part of the course.

Stuart asked if the students are using INFBase and if it could be made more INF1 specific?   There are prioritised Inf1 helpers in InfBase but that may not be clear.  The INFBase timings are a bit scattered and Stuart will talk to them about having a more standard time slots.
Students asked for: A specimen exam paper, and if rooms could be provided to enable students to self help one another.  Stuart will look into this

INF2A is not well organised, the lecturer keeps referring to the slides but going back and forward and pausing.  They feel the lecturer needs to make more time to organise the lecture and preparing some questions.
The reading material and sources are good but they feel they should be supplied with a good source of text book or some useful links to be made available on the course web page or a on-line pdf to read.  The lectures are also being overun and also if the lecturer could wear a clip on microphone, would make it easier for the students to hear.

DMMR reading guides, the students would like a list of questions on what they should do, on what is essential and use different examples rather than from the book.

INF2C-SE the lecturer is now more interactive in the lecture with the students.

DBS: coursework was not released in the afternoon, it was released at 1.30am next again day and some students were angry, as they were prepared to start it on original release time.
IAML: the lectures are being cancelled at the last minute and some of the videos on-line the sound isn’t clear.

HCI: students feel one of the lecturers can come across as slightly aggressive.
EXC: it was asked if the lecturer could use a visualiser instead of a whiteboard.
UG4 Project: Some students have not received any written feedback yet from their first project meeting.

FNLP MLPR:  There are some issues arising from interaction on the setup for these two courses.  Paul Anderson said this was a complex issues because the software used in the two courses required different versions of software to be available in the environment.  Stuart will contact the RATS team to see if this can be ameliorated.

There has been some issues with some MSc students not knowing how to use Linux or DICE, there is one DICE session at the start of Semester, Carol Dow will look into providing some additional support on this.

Level 9 at the weekends doesn’t have a supply of paper towels or soap. The building is not cleaned at the weekend and the bins are over flowing. It was asked for an extra black bin to be installed in the kitchen area of Level 6.

When will the Course Statistics be released? Action on Gregor Hall ITO.

Stuart is arranging a meeting regarding Learn.

There is still an on-going issue with students using the DICE machines, and no-one is occupying the seat.  You can log people of by using Control Alt Backspace or use the machines to run remotely.  It was asked if there could be somewhere you can take people’s belongings of the desk and place them somewhere so if they come back and their stuff is gone then they know where it will be, like trays for example.  One student had seen this work well in Singapore.  In addition there is a need for more training on running work in the background.  Neil will investigate.

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