Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 3rd October 2018

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley ISS Manager, Kendal Reid ITO, Katey Lee Student Support Officer, Sarah Taylor, Communications and Recruitment Officer

Stuart welcomed all the new Reps for 2018/19 and explained that this weekly meeting is to resolve any problems that may occur, short and long term.  He also mentioned that twice a year the School holds a Staff Student Liaison Meeting with the Year Reps and the Year organiser that is at the end of each Semester to go over Year issues, i.e UG1, UG2 and any issues that could be resolved for the following term.

No Reps allocated yet.  INF1-FP now has tutors working in INFBase.  One tutor mentioned that maybe the INFBase and INFPals wasn’t too well communicated as the attendance was quite low.

INF2A the students are not permitted to use their mobile phones in the lecture or interact with the people sitting next to one another.  They feel they should be able to have their phones if they need to take photos of slides or discuss topics with their fellow students.  Action: Stuart will discuss with the lecturer.

INFSC-SE there is quite a lot of noise amongst the students in the lectures, they feel a bit more discipline needs to be enforced by the lecturer and there is no Piazza page set up.

DMMR there is no Piazza page set up.  There also appears to be no synchronisation between what is being taught in the lectures and tutorials, and queries in lectures are only being dealt with in the tutorials.

IAML the flip classes are not well attended as the students don’t think they are useful.

NC doesn’t appear to be well structured.
BDL there has been no responses on Piazza from the lecturer or the TA.

Level 9 is cold at night, Neil said that the heating is switched of at 7pm.  It was also asked if a fridge could be installed on Level 9, Neil will look into this, also there is an on-going issue about the entry door not working Neil is also communicating with Estates and Buildings.

Level 5 is to remain as a quiet study place when classes are not timetabled.

Students are not finding it easy to navigate their way around Learn, Stuart will try and arrange a meeting with the School’s new Learning Technologist Alex Burford and the Reps.

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