Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 14th November 2018

In attendance: Alan Smaill, Neil Heatley Head of ISS, Kendal Reid ITO, Tim Colles, Computing Officer, Karen Davidson Student Support Officer

Apologies: Stuart Anderson, Director of Learning and Teaching

The INF1-CL Peer Support group was well attended so the Reps were happy with that, with a turn out of over 20.  Neil has made more rooms bookings so this can be a weekly event.  The students are still asking if there will be a specimen exam paper, one student has emailed the lecturer but still no response.  The Reps asked if the email lists are moderated and they are by the ITO, but it was suggested if emails are sent, to send them via their sms address.

INF2C-CS the students mentioned the feedback for coursework one had no comments or summary on the files and any reasons for why they got certain percentages, more information would be helpful.

INF2A on the Learn pages there is only one link available for tutorial sheet 1, you have to change the URL to get to tutorial sheets 2, etc. Kendal has emailed the lecturer asking her to add the links.

IAML the students are still waiting on coursework one to be returned, they have been given another revised deadline for their return, Neil said if they don’t come through then to contact him so he can chase the marker. *Action Neil*

ILP the demonstrator didn’t have any information on the coursework.

HCI feedback is overdue by a month. *Action Neil to talk to the lecturer*
EXC the students have still had nothing back.

MSc Data Science some students feel there isn’t enough being taught on industry ready skills, Neil suggested talking direct to the Programme Director.

Students are happy that the temperature on Level 9 has gone up.

Some of the mice on the machines in Room 6.06 are faulty, Computing Support suggested putting in a ticket indicating what machine it is.

A Learn meeting is still to be scheduled with our Learn Technologist Alex Burford and the Reps.  At the moment some of the lecturers are not fully using Learn, Neil said that next year everyone will have to use it as the University is looking standardise things across the University.

Alan said they are still looking for volunteers to join Teaching Committee which covers things like assignments, student support, tutorials, resit exams and 4th Year Projects.  Qais Patankar will attend today’s Teaching Committee

Board of Studies which covers the creation of new courses, programmes, courses updates and what should be taught etc.  The next meeting is Scheduled for 5th December, Martynas Grigoris has expressed interest in attending.

Neil has sent out an email about Travel Fund and the Turing Trust.  He is still looking into Vendor Suppliers to supplying vendor machines.

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