Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 21st November 2018

In attendance: Stuart Anderson, Director of Teaching, Judy Robertson Professor, Kendal Reid ITO, Sarah Taylor Communications and Recruitment, Jennifer Oxley, Computing Support Officer, Katey Lee Support Officer

The UG1 Course Organiser is gathering feedback for the new course INF1B course.  This year the second semester courses will run as last academic year and the courses will be revised and integrated to create a new Inf 1B to start in Academic Year 2020-21.
INF1A the students feel that the correspondence between the syllabus, learning outcomes and Learning and Teaching activities had not been clearly articulated.

INF2A the direct links to the tutorial sheets are still not available on Learn.  One other student pointed out that these were correct on the Inf2A web page (outside of Learn).  *Action Kendal to email the lecturer again*

INF2C-SE the lecturer is very responsive to any emails or queries on the Piazza page, he also attends the lab demonstrating slots, the students find this very good.  They feel in the lectures though that the lecturer could spend less time reading the slides and be a bit more interactive in the lecture.  The reps emphasised that keeping the class informed of the likely return date for coursework is important.  In particular being informed as soon as it is clear there may be a delay is better than waiting for the return deadline to pass before informing the class.

CT still has no lecture recordings.
ILP the response from the lecturer on Piazza is good.
IVR there is no response from the lecturer on Piazza.  The main issues the students have is that the course teaching and learning materials consistently use Matlab while the course work is set using Python equivalent.  This is not ideal.  The student’s main issue is not so much anything conceptual but the time spent finding the equivalent way of doing something in Python that is mentioned in the course materials.  They feel this is a wast of their time.
IAML the feedback was late in being returned.  Stuart has a meeting with the lecturers on Friday.

EXC there are no tutorials or example questions for this course and the students are asking for a specimen exam, they have had no response from the lecturers.  *Action Stuart to talk to the lecturers*

HCI there is still no feedback from coursework 1. *Action Stuart to talk to the lecturer*

Nothing to report, the students are busy with deadlines.

Nothing to report.

Stuart is in talks with the UG1 and UG2 lecturers about being more interactive in their lectures.

A meeting has still to be scheduled with staff and students with Alex Burford regarding the use of Learn.

It was asked about marking deadlines, Stuart responded that the School aims to get coursework back within 2 weeks of the deadlines, unfortunately due to the increased sizes of classes we are not always able to recruit enough qualified markers and this can lead to marks returned being delayed.

Level 9 is still cold.  It was also reported that level 7 is cold. Could the heating be kept on in level 9 until later in the evening?  *Action Neil*

It was asked about the email lists being moderated by the ITO, if something is sent out and not approved by the ITO if it is urgent then it is suggested to send a ticket to the ITO or go to the ITO and ask for it to be approved.

Web printing appears to be going down frequently.  Jennifer suggested the the students check the IS page to see if there are any alerts of problems or contact IS direct.

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