Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 23rd January 2019

Apologies for the late arrival of this post.

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of ISS, Kendal Reid ITO, Jennifer Oxley Computing Support Officer, Katey Lee Student Support Officer, Sarah Taylor Communications and Recruitment Officer

General feedback
Lecture recordings / Live streams are being inconsistent
Printing handouts for every single student in the lecture hall seems excessive

Improvements: Additional tutors have been provided for Programming Tutorials.

Actions in progress:Reps are contacting the lecturers in person about some of the issues that have been raised;   Lecture live streams for inf1-DA course will not become a thing in the near future to encourage going to the lectures. Recordings of each lecture will keep being uploaded.

The number of handouts will decline as the semester goes on.

Could the lecturer for Probability with Applications use a Dot Cam as the students find it difficult to see his handwriting.

It was asked if it School policy to record lectures and the answer is no, it isn’t a University policy either at the moment, although lecturers are encouraged to do so, they have an opt out system.  They can opt of of their lecturers from being recorded.  Although there are certain situations where some students have Adjustments in place, it is up the lecturer to supply what the student requires i.e recordings, notes made available 24 hours before the lecture etc.

PI the students felt the feedback wasn’t informative enough, Stuart will send out an email to the class with the general feedback and the marking scheme.

ADS, IMC and COMN have opted out of lecture recordings.
ADS it was asked if the lecture could be moved to a bigger location, Neil suggested mentioning this to the lecturer and he can talk to the ITO.

CT:  Students would like more information on how to improve their submissions when their code passes the public tests but fails the hidden tests.  Students felt coursework 4 was significantly poorer than the other courseworks and students had to work on this over Christmas and had no support.

No Reps in attendance.

Intro to Modern Cryptography: There are quite a few issues here. The lecturer said he’s not recording the lectures and the lecture slides are still not out (even after the lecture has been delivered). Could they be reminded of what they should be doing as a lecturer? Further to this, from previous years there has been issues with the lecturer not really being attentive at all on the course – the course average was low 40s two years ago, although it has gone up in the last year. That and the fact that the delivery of it was delayed with a week, they wonder if there is going to be further issues popping up with the course over the semester, so it would be good if it could make sure the course has a clear structure/requirements and is going to go smoothly.

SAPM: Course is shown as being delivered in G3 in Bayes, whereas it should be F.21 in 7 George Square.

RL and AGTA: It was reported that the lectures last week were overcrowded – students were sitting on the steps of the lecture theatres. It could be the beginning of the semester but this has happened before it was reported last semester, it would be good if a bit more planning is included when choosing the spot. A suggestion would be to ask if lecturers actually tell students to huddle together – there were a couple of unused seats that would be space for other students.

IAML: Issues with the feedback. There was an email about the marks from cw1 being erroneously downgraded this Saturday, the email said this should have been done by Monday – it wasn’t.   It wasn’t clear why there was deductions.

Design Informatics has now moved in the Bayes Centre and it was reported to be very cold and they are not happy with the desks and chairs.  Neil suggested sending him any facility issues to him and he will find the correct person to forward this on to.

MSc applications for 2019/20 are closing 4 months early this year due to the extremely high demand, the early closure is to try and allow the School to work on the numbers accepted and find appropriate ways to teach, locations and facilities.

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