Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 22nd January 2020

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Student Services, Mohammed Javaid Computing Support, Kendal Reid ITO


The students feel the INF1B course is well organised and the information supplied is adequate.  There is a wi-fi issue with students registering with TopHat in the lecture, it is held in the Gordon Aikman Lecture Theatre which holds over 400 students.  *Action Mohammed to discuss with Information Services Group*


INF2B Learning – the practical is available in Matlab and Python but guidance on which to use is not clear.  It seems the practical was originated in Matlab and has ben transferred to Python.  This means the Python version may deviate from expected behaviour.  This is the last year this course will run and so the practical will be replaced.


PI the students felt the feedback was not helpful, Stuart explained that he had to get the feedback to the class before the exam and he thought the grading explaining where grades were gained and lost would be helpful.  He recognizes that additional text feedback would be helpful.  Overall students performed well in the examination and coursework.

IAML students are still not happy with the lack of the response regarding the feedback from Semester one and that there will be no remarks.  There was a discussion on the marking of the number of decimal places used in answers – this varied from question to question and had been flagged up as an issue in one of the Labs.

CS there is a clash with ITCS which means students who want to take this course, can’t! The lecturer is also going too fast in the lecture, the slides are from last year, they are not being supplied with any reading in advance of lectures, and he is asking questions on things that haven’t been covered yet.  *Action Stuart*


The UG4 Intern Project Report originally the deadline was Friday 24th January and this has now been extended to Friday 31st January, an email has now been sent out to the class with further information.


MLP students have been asking questions regarding coursework one feedback and there has been no response.  *Action Stuart*  There have been issues with the volume of questions and trying to deal with multiple instances of the same question.


IRR the submission deadline is Thursday 23rd January and there is no link for submission. This has been repaired.



Royal Bank of Scotland has approached the School to ask if they could do something with the students about what they do with Data Science, Stuart asked the Reps what they thought would be a good approach, a workshop with recruiters and staff, a student tech meet up or an anonymous data hack?

The National Student Survey will soon be released and the School needs at least 50% of the student body to complete this, do the students have any idea of how to encourage the students to complete this?  Other than display information on PC’s, emails, posters etc.!

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