Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 18th March 2020

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Student Services, Sophie Mills Student Support Officer,  Gillian Bell ITO Manager, Kendal Reid ITO.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Closure of Buildings

The Bayes Centre                             12 noon Thursday 19th March

Appleton Tower                               5pm Thursday 19th March

The Informatics Forum                  5pm Thursday 19th March

You should assume you will have no access to buildings for an extended period.

We are aware that this is disruptive, particularly for those whose courses have a hardware element.  While the buildings remain open please take the opportunity to collect everything that you need from the Appleton Tower.  The building is remaining open to permit an orderly shutdown NOT to allow any further work on lab-based coursework.

You are not permitted to remove hardware or equipment from the laboratory.  In assessing lab-based work we will take the closure of buildings into account and the resulting curtailment of coursework and projects.

Staff need your help to tidy up and leave everything in a suitable state for the shutdown.  This will be their only activity during the day.  If you do return to the building please be as helpful as you can, contribute to the tidy-up of the lab and ensure that your activity does not obstruct the work of staff involved in the shutdown.

In these difficult times our highest priority is everyone’s health and safety.  We regret the need to curtail lab-based work in this way but it is essential and is entirely motivated by the need to ensure your safety.   Thank you for your cooperation and help.

All University Libraries will close but the Main Library in George Square will remain open from 9 am – 5pm only.

AT will have critical building support and they will maintain the DICE servers while the building is closed, the servers can also be maintained remotely.  Information on remote access to School of Informatics systems can be found here:


Non-honours examinations will not be going ahead, progression to the next year of study will be determined by coursework performance.

Honours and MSc courses will be done remotely, and it was asked what will happen with the time differences across the countries while doing the exam, more information will follow *Stuart*.  If anyone has issues of not having the use of computing equipment should contact Computing Support.  It was asked if the exams that are scheduled close together could be re-arranged, all exam timetables are done via Examinations and not subject to change.

The University is aware that there is concern over Graduations ceremonies being cancelled due to ban of large gatherings and concerns over students having who have job offers in July, but due to the extraordinary circumstances, this can’t be helped.


No reps in attendance.


No reps in attendance.


SDP the students feel that the marking wasn’t justified according to the marking criteria.  The Reps have been told that there are not to remove their robots from the labs during closure.  Barbara will be sending out an email to the class.

CS the students don’t know what will be covered in the exam, and there has been no lectures to assist with coursework 3, and there is no support on Piazza, the lecturer has sent out some emails but they are not clear.  *Action Stuart to talk to the lecturer*


MLP the issue with some students had with the cluster corruption during the occupation had applied for a one week extension, but the School gave all courses a one week extension for all coursework, but the students who requested an extension are still unsure if they are still entitled to the week extension over the blanket one.  *Sophie will send out an email*

Final year Honours and MInf project presentations are cancelled for this year.  This will not  affect the assessment of the project, which remains entirely on the basis of the project report, there is a  revised deadline for submission is 17 April.



IRR the marks have still not been returned, as they are still waiting on the markers completing the marking.

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