Consortium meeting July 25-26 2016

July 25th

09:00     Arrival at LIN, introductory remarks

09:15     Manos Paisios, LIN: Improvements on the collision resolution / tracking pipeline

09:45     Ayse Yarali, LIN: Neural circuits of relief-learning

10:15     Timo Saumweber/ Bertram Gerber, LIN: News from the larval-MBE screen

10:45     Coffee Break

11:15     Michael Schleyer, LIN: Driving dopaminergic neurons, tracking learned behaviour – an update

11:45     Iris Stracke, CRG: Operant learning in the larva


12:15     Lunch at the Mensa


14:00     Daeyeon Kim, CRG: Digging and diving in the larva

14:30     (Dylan Ross & Tianqi Wei), EDI: Modelling larval mechanics and soft robot maggot

15:00     Coffee Break

15:30     Antoine Wystrach / Sebastian Schwarz, EDI: Larva movements during a learning assay in Canton S and Oregon R

16:00     Kostas Lagogiannis  &  Manuela Marescotti, EDI: Neural activity in freely moving larva.

July 26th

9:00        Discussion (e.g. deliverables, future projects, specific collaborations)

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