Consortium Meeting & Final Review 9-10th February 2017

This meeting will be held at UEDIN in Edinburgh, in the Turing Room (5.42) at the Informatics Forum

9:00-9:30 Arrival & Coffee
9:30-10:00 Meeting of EU officer and reviewers
10:00-10:30 Introduction, overview of status
10:30-12:30 Progress for each WP
Michael Schleyer, LIN:

Matthieu Louis, CRG:

Manuela Marescotti, BWD:

Antoine Wystrach/Kostas Lagogiannis, UEDIN:





14:00-15:00 Robot demos
15:00-15:30 Discussion of dissemination and outcomes
15:30-15:45 Project exploitation and innovation potential
15:45-16:30 Reviewers’ private meeting
16:30-17:00 Feedback to consortium

Consortium Meeting 25-26th July 2016

This meeting will be held at LIN in Magdeburg.

9:00-9:15 Introduction
9:15-11:45 What is currently happening in LIN.
Manos Paisios, LIN:

Ayse Yarali, LIN:

Timo Saumweber/ Bertram Gerber, LIN:

Michael Schleyer, LIN:

Improvements on the collision resolution / tracking pipeline

Neural circuits of relief-learning

News from the larval-MBE screen

Driving dopaminergic neurons, tracking learned behaviour – an update

11:45 What is currently happening in CRG
Iris Stracke Operant learning in the larva
14:00 What is currently happening in CRG
Daeyon Kim Digging and diving in the larva
14:30 What is currently happening in UEDIN.
(Dylan Ross & Tianqi Wei) Modelling larval mechanics and soft robot maggot
Antoine Wystrach/ Sebastian Schwarz Larval movements during a learning assay
Manuela Marescotti/ Kostas Lagogiannis Neural activity in freely moving larva
July 26th
9:00 Discussion of remaining deliverables and future

Consortium Meeting 4th February 2016

This meeting will be held at CRG in Barcelona.

9:30-9:45 Overview: aims of project
9:45-10:30 What is currently happening in CRG.
Daeyon Kim
Iris Stracke
10:30-10:45 What is currently happening in Brainwave
Manuella Marescotti  Imaging
Coffee break
11:00-11:45 What is currently happening in LIN
Michael Schleyer Aversive learning AND optogenetics of MB input.
11:45-12:30 What is currently happening in UEDIN.
~10 mins Kostas Lagogiannis  New models
Antoine Wystrach  Predictions from models
Dylan Ross  Larval crawling
Tianqi Wei  Larval robot
David Wood  Circuit data
2:00-3:00 Follow up discussion of presentations
3:00-4:00 Discussion of remaining deliverables
Coffee break
4:15-close Discussion of MINIMAL II



WP Intermediate Meeting

Held in Edinburgh 24th July

Consortium Meeting and Review 27th February 2015

The meeting will be held at LIN in Magdeburg

Minibrains 8th – 13th November 2014

Members of the MINIMAL consortium organised and participated in the ESF-EMBO and CRG sponsored workshop: Flies, worms and robots: combining perspectives on minibrains and behaviour.

WP Intermediate Meeting 10th July 2014

At the CRG in Barcelona to discuss progress.

Project Start-Up Meeting

27-28th January 2014 Room 1.15 Informatics Forum
University of Edinburgh

Monday 27th
9:00-10:30 What is currently happening in UEDIN.
~10 mins Kostas Lagogiannis Computational neural model
Adam Stokes Soft robotics
Balazs Szigeti Eigenmaggots
David Wood Tools for circuit data
Alex Davies Simulating chemotaxis
Coffee break
11:00-1:00 What is currently happening in LIN & CRG
Daeyon Kim
Matthieu Louis
3D assay
Michael Schleyer Behaviour analyses of outcome expectation.
Sam Reid Comparing innate vs learned chemotaxis
Evren Pamir Towards models of learned chemotaxis
Bertram Gerber Status of our Janelia screen
2:00-2:30 What is currently happening in Brainwave
Manuella Marescotti  Imaging
Douglas Armstrong  Larvae as disease models
2:30-4:00 Looking at the deliverables
Leads of each group to outline current plans
Coffee break
4:30-5:30 Discuss mechanisms for data storage/exchange/communication
Plans for Tuesday
7:00pm Burns supper
1f1 25 Haddington Place, Edinburgh EH7 4AF
Tuesday 28th
Breakout meetings
9:00-10:00 Discussion on pending paper
10:00-1:00 Modelling Behaviour
Modelling network architecture
Modelling learning rules
Motor systems
2:00:… Behavioural analysis
Optogenetic conditioning and operant conditioning
Agree plans for next 6 months


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